Want to be more creative and accomplish more, but find yourself stuck in a routine?


Here are 5 steps to take to become more creative!

Step #1. Get up earlier and go for a run! Being active helps you to charge your mind and get your body in shape. This is really important to start thinking outside the box. Sometimes we struggle with ideas and we push our brain, but that won’t yield the best results. The best ideas come when you do something different and fun so step outside your comfort zone and you’ll love the results.
Step #2. Eat better. Have regular meals and try to eat healthy food. A consistent supply of nutrients will keep you going without any lapses in your physical energy or performance.
Step #3. Hang out with friends or attend conferences related to your profession. Meeting different people from your industry will allow you to see how they think and hear their ideas.
Step #4. Do one thing that makes you happy every single day.
Step #5. Shipper – Receiver is a strange name for a rule but it is the most important one.
This rule is about how you act on a daily basis and what you do to improve your life. For example: say more positive words and you’ll get more positivity in your life. If you have only negative thoughts it’s easy to get down on yourself. For example, it’s Monday and you have to get up and go to work. If you start thinking OMG, I can’t, I’m tired, I have a lot of work to do and I don’t feel like working, you’ve already programmed your mind that Monday is going to be a disaster. However, if you wake up and think: OMG life is beautiful and I am going to kick ass today and do the best that I can to finish everything and it’s going to be awesome, that’s exactly how your day will be. This is because you own your happiness and are in control of your life.
Stay cool and be positive so that positivity will come to you. 🙂