“You have been chosen as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.”

These are the eleven words that we at Cashco have been yearning to hear since we became a company.

We always seek to be better today than we were yesterday and even better tomorrow. This is encapsulated perfectly in one of our brand values, “ICAN”, that encourages everyone in the organization to think that “I can be 1% better every day”. This is our commitment to never ending improvement and the motivation behind our drive to be the best.

Management is a complex term that touches numerous parts of the business landscape. In order to succeed in effective management, an organization cannot simply concern itself with profits, or with providing job security to its employees. Management involves having a clear vision for where you want to go and the passion to lead you there. In order to even be eligible for consideration as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, as selected by Deloitte, an organization must:

  • Have revenues greater than $10M
  • Demonstrate the management of finances effectively, adapting to changing market conditions
  • Be a Canadian-owned company

We have been able to meet these criteria, but there are hundreds of other organizations that are eligible as well. Where Cashco stands above the rest is tied to our culture and how we have been able to build an extremely positive environment packed with happy and engaged employees in every single role. We believe engaged employees are the result of a positive value based culture led by women and men who can clearly communicate a compelling vision of the future. Employees are more likely to be productively engaged when they feel trusted and valued, and that their work is challenging and worthwhile.

Engaged employees also need job security, competitive pay, a good working environments and benefits that are relevant and valuable to them. In our case, single moms comprise about 30% of our workforce. When surveyed, they told us they wanted more benefits related to children’s care, particularly dental. We were able to respond to that by introducing new coverage options that are of particular benefit to them.

We engage employees with competitive starting wages and the opportunity to control their paycheques. Front line staff have the power to control their own destiny. We provide them with the technology, tools, and training to go out and build relationships with clients and be accountable for their own book of business.

We also engage employees with frequent and public praise for a job well done and give public recognition. Our “Kudos Value Champions” program encourages employees to acknowledge fellow employees for positive deeds and actions that reflect one of our five core values. Each month, a Value Champion is selected from the dozens of Kudos submitted and that employee is rewarded with a day off and a handcrafted card signed by all their coworkers.

At Cashco, we build positive relationships with all our employees, clients and the communities we serve. Our mission is to Provide Relief Today and Hope for Tomorrow and we live that mission each and every day. If you or someone you know is ever in need of a little relief from unexpected and unfortunate circumstances, we are always here to help. Everyone is different so we always listen first and then work with you to get you back on your feet.

Last week, Deloitte recognized Cashco as being a regional winner and among the finalists for the 2015 award recipients. We have our fingers crossed that we get to hear those eleven words this year.