Do you have a pile of gold that you’re sitting on, and are curious about what it’s worth? Have you been to a Cash Canada Pawn store recently?

Well, let me introduce to you the Olympus Metal Analyzer! The industry-leading technological innovation allows for any metal to be analyzed within seconds and with a 0% error rate.

Every single one of our sister Cash Canada Pawn locations has one of these wonderful machines, so you can bring in your gold, silver, jewelry to find out what it’s worth.

First, we put your piece of jewelry in the machine. Next, we close the door and press the button for the machine to analyze the metal.

IMG_1765            IMG_1774


Then we simply wait for the analysis to appear on the Pawn Associate’s screen. This report will breakdown exactly what metals are in your jewelry, and how much of each metal is in your piece. No more second-guessing if it is real or fake, phew!

So head on over to visit us and see what your jewelry is worth for free!

Come on, you know you’re curious. We certainly were.

Gold Machine Report

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