Cashco Financial, we provide relief today, and hope for tomorrow.

Get ready to manage your money with the Budget Buddy! We know you work hard. However, sometimes unexpected expenses lead to short-term financial hardship. At Cashco Financial, we provide relief today, but hope for tomorrow. This means we are here to help with short term financial problems – getting past those financial hurdles and out of current debt. We are also here to help plan the future of your personal finances, get you out of long-term debt, and build credit. We know this is not easy, and we do not want our clients stuck in the revolving door of paycheck to paycheck loans, constantly repaying short-term financial help. Our commitment is to our client’s financial success; that is why we started the Budget Buddy program.

We created the Budget Buddy program because we are different from most short-term loan companies. Though we do offer short term payday loans up to $1,500 and flex loans of up to $5,000 with 36 months to repay, our goal is different. We work with you, face-to-face, to help improve your financial situation both now and in the future. We have seen it before: the loop of revolving debt, living between paychecks. This vicious financial cycle can lead to a missed payment or default, ending with a bad credit score and increased debt.

At Cashco Financial, our client’s success is our success. So, we are here to help get our clients out of the payday loop, back on track for success.

Our solution involves two parts; the first, which is coming soon, is the Budget Buddy. The Budget Buddy is someone you can work with to help manage personal finances, debt, and increase credit score. However, you can start to change that bad credit score, begin managing your personal finances, and get out of the loop of revolving loans and debt today. Just download and use the second part: the Budget Buddy Blueprint.

The first step to getting personal finances on track is knowledge. The Budget Buddy Blueprint, a simple downloadable form available here on our site, provides the knowledge of how personal finances are utilized day to day. It comes complete with a list of spending categories from which to choose. Just enter the amounts for each category and the online form does the rest. It makes budgeting income and expenses easy. The Budget Buddy Blueprint is the first step on the way to erasing a bad credit score, getting out of debt and into financial success.

It only takes one emergency or unforeseen expense to derail personal finances. Be prepared and work to a better financial future, download the Budget Buddy Blueprint.

Contact us for further help planning personal finances and securing a prosperous financial future. For more information about the Budget Buddy Program, the Budget Buddy Blueprint, or help with personal finances, please send an email to!

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