Cashco Cares About Our Clients and Their Communities!

We at Cashco Financial pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our clients.  Cashco Cares is more than just how we feel, it is our Brand Promise. We seek to build positive relationships with every single one of our clients and their communities; to help them in their time of need, and to help make a positive impact on their communities.

On March 7th, 2016, the Cashco Volunteer Project was launched. Every single one of our 400 employees will be given 40 paid hours each year to volunteer and help out in their communities. That’s 16,000 hours per year to make a positive difference in communities across Canada. Thus we affectionately named the program The 16,000 Hour Project.

What is the 16,000 Hour Project?

The 16,000 Hour Project is the latest Cashco Cares Initiative along with our Budget Buddy and our Wish it Forward programs. It is also the largest Cashco Cares Initiative to date and we are extremely excited because we created this program to help our employees give back to the communities of their clients and themselves. Each of our 400 Cashco employees will receive 40 hours every year to volunteer in their communities. That’s right, Cashco is paying every one of our employees to make positive impacts across Canada, talk about a win-win! We want to show that our mission of providing relief today, and hope for tomorrow, are not just words on the walls of our offices, but what we all live by.

To kick-start the launch, five of our employees spent the day volunteering at the Bissell Centre in Edmonton. Their vision is to eliminate poverty in the communities of Edmonton. Guided by a passionate concern for the dignity and wellbeing of each individual, the Bissell Centre’s work is based on building relationships, hope and trust. Cashco Financial supports their mission to empower people to move from poverty to prosperity. Our own mission to provide relief today and hope for tomorrow perfectly ties in with the Bissell Centre’s mission of giving hope for the future and making plans for a prosperous life.

Monday marked the first time any of our five employees had gone to the Bissell Centre, but it certainly will not be the last. “It was such an enjoyable and rewarding experience”, Bonnie proclaimed at the end of the day. Since that sentiment was shared by our other employees who look forward to returning for many more days of community support.

While they were there, they each noticed how great of an impact the seemingly small act of serving lunch in the drop-in centre and cleaning the kitchen afterwards made such a difference. “Each one of us certainly witnessed how a small deed can make all the difference in someone’s life”, Brittany reflected towards the end of the day. Usually, there are only one or two people who work in the Bissell Centre’s kitchen Monday to Wednesday, so the patrons greatly appreciate seeing a new friendly face.

There Can Always Be More Donations and Volunteers at Bissell Centre

95% of all the food the Bissell Centre provides to the community is donated. Save-On Foods, Safeway, Spud, and the Edmonton Food Bank are major contributors. Sadly, the centre recently lost one of their major donators, Walmart, due to corporate donation restructuring within the company.

There is a major need for water bottles currently, although the staff are trying to promote using tap water.  With this in mind, The Pawn Princess, a great friend of Cashco Financial is generously donating several cases of water bottles to help out in the meantime.

If you would like to donate, volunteer, or find out more information about the Bissell Centre, check out the link below.

Cashco Financial’s 16,000 Hour Project is off to a great start, we have volunteered at several other events already and have already contributed 140 volunteer hours and have another 310 scheduled for the next two weeks. Together we will make some amazing things happen for each of the communities in which we operate. Because Cashco Cares.

Check out Cashco Cares website!