How Caring Sets Cashco Apart

So, what is the Cashco brand promise? Unlike many short-term lenders, we care about our clients, employees and the communities we serve. We care a lot. For years, we’ve shown how we care by allowing our actions to speak louder than words. At Cashco, we build positive relationships with all our stakeholders. Our mission is to Provide Relief Today and Hope for Tomorrow and we live that mission each and every day. The heartbeat of our mission is our emphasis on caring.

The caring ethos permeates everything we do. It begins with the simple things. We greet each one of our clients with a smile and a handshake, then invite them to sit down at a desk to learn how we can work together to get them back on track. This may sound simple, but this friendly customer service and common-sense respect for human dignity stands in contrast to many other companies whose representatives hide from their customers behind cold bulletproof glass.

Caring is hard, so we do the hard things, too. It’s easy to give out a loan, but at Cashco Financial we do what other short-term lenders won’t do: we develop relationships and foster the growth of our clients. We want all our clients to feel accepted, appreciated, and cared about. Our purpose, to give clients relief today and hope for tomorrow, guides every client interaction and has meant second and third chances for many people trying to escape from the payday loan cycle. We listen first, look for a way to say yes and help each person, then back up our initial service with a plan to help those living from paycheck to paycheck climb to greater heights. We nurture these relationships simply because we care more than other short-term lenders. We want our clients to get back on their feet, remain hopeful, and soon no longer require our help.

But just providing great service isn’t enough for us. That’s why we engage directly with the communities where our clients live. Our numerous partnerships and community outreach initiatives help remind us who we are serving and why we care as much as we do. We’ve done work in communities across Canada that no one ever expected a short-term loan vendor to provide. We understand that everyone deserves a helping hand. Everyone. No matter what the situation.

Going Beyond Caring: Cashco’s Approach to Volunteerism and Community Outreach

Our community outreach initiatives and volunteer projects reach many Canadians. In living the Golden Rule, we contribute time and money to dozens of local Canadian charities, fundraising and community events. Over the years, we have been highly involved with charitable programs like the Zebra Child Protection Centre. We have also taken great pride in making dreams come true, for anyone who has fallen on hard times, with our own organizational programs like Wish It Forward. On the financial education front, we have also recently launched the Budget Buddy program that focuses on financial literacy and budgeting so that we can help people get out of debt and back on track with their lives. Having participated, engaged in and even created these great programs, we want to continue our great track record of community outreach and volunteerism with the 16,000-Hour Project Because Cashco Cares.

Extending Our Community Outreach with a 16,000-Hour Project

This spring, we are launching our company-wide volunteer program in Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. We’re calling it the 16,000-Hour Project. This program will be the first of its kind in Canada with each of our 400 employees getting 40 paid hours to go out and provide positive contributions to their communities. With these hours, our employees will continue the great community relationships started with events and organizations like Ride for Dad, Run for the Cure, Stollery Children’s Hospital – Kids with Cancer, and many more.

We welcome additional requests for grassroots community support because we strive to provide hope for our clients and the communities they call home. We know these 16,000 hours of volunteer service will help to remind ourselves of how much we care and build one-on-one relationships in the communities we serve.

When we ask clients why they chose us over competitors, the overwhelming response is that they like our people better. We have a theory about why that is. It’s because we care more. We hope to show all Canadians what we are about; that caring is the heartbeat of our organization.

Supporting Organizations That Match Our Caring Approach

For years, we have aligned our own company values with different charitable organizations, from supporting Zebra to spearheading Wish It Forward, we at Cashco have found ways to go beyond the call of duty in our communities. We are extremely proud to support the Zebra Child Protection Centre – Where Kids Can Tell ( The greatest injustice in the world today is the neglect or abuse of children by a parent or guardian. The Zebra Centre was the first of its kind in Canada and was founded on the belief that the community should share in the responsibility of responding to child abuse allegations. Zebra is a place where a child can feel safe and protected. The Centre works with a community of professionals, including the Edmonton Police Services, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Alberta Children’s Services, Crown Prosecutors, Child at Risk Response Teams, medical and trauma screening professionals and volunteer advocates. The Zebra team offers support and stability to put every child in a friendly environment with familiar warm faces every step of the way. To ensure children have the support they need, Zebra also provides referrals to children with social, medical, and mental health services. Because we at Cashco believe in going above and beyond, we’re proud to support organizations that match this same caring mentality. Zebra does just that.

In addition to our involvement in large initiatives like Zebra, we at Cashco also believe in transforming the ordinary into the remarkable. That’s why we implemented the Wish It Forward program where our staff and clients nominate people in special circumstances to receive a truly remarkable experience. Over the years, we’ve had many successes. For example, we purchased a three-month supply of specialized formula for a newborn battling an infection. We buy and install TVs and game systems for several households each Christmas season and try to always have gift cards for grocery stores and coffee shops on hand for those in need. One year, we even purchased a round trip flight from Alberta to New Brunswick for an employee so they could be with their family during an emergency. Whatever the initiative, we believe that everyone has the power to make the world a better place, one random act of kindness at a time.

Budget Buddy, Providing Financial Literacy

We want our clients to have long-term financial independence far more than short-term monetary support. In fact, our goal at Cashco Financial is to lead each one of our clients through the Credit Continuum so they can qualify for conventional credit and no longer be our client. That may be a bizarre goal for a company to have, but helping people get back on track is more important to us than a continuous cycle of business. We want our clients to be loyal to us only for as long as they need our services. We greet each of you with a smile and we say congratulations and goodbye with an even bigger smile. This is why we created the Budget Buddy to improve financial literacy and ultimately help people escape the payday loop. The Budget Buddy is someone you can work with to help manage your personal finances and debt or to increase your credit score. The first step in getting personal finances on track is knowledge. The Budget Buddy Blueprint, a simple form available here on our site, provides the knowledge of how your personal finances are utilized day to day. It makes budgeting income and expenses easy. The Budget Buddy Blueprint is the first step on the way to erasing a bad credit score, getting out of debt, and marching toward financial success.

Building on Our Foundation of Caring

Everyone could use a little help now and then. Life can be unpredictable and it would be nice to know that someone understands that. We want people to know that we do. Our past service fuels our current efforts and extends into our community outreach and volunteerism. We feel strive to continuously help our clients, employees and communities in ways they were never expecting.

We seek to build on our foundation of caring in our core business and extend it beyond our client relationships and into more and more communities with our 16,000 hour volunteer program. At Cashco Financial, caring is the input and output of every interaction we have. At the end of each day, we look in the mirror and smile because we know that we made a positive difference that day. Cashco Cares is not a one-time action, it is a brand promise we make with our clients, our communities and ourselves.

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