Better Payday Loans with Better, Faster Funding

Cashco Financial is introducing an update for the ATMs in all our 70 branches across Canada. So far ATMs have been updated in 15 branches in Edmonton, Lloydminster, Saskatoon and North Battleford. We at Cashco are constantly seeking to provide better service to our clients and our ATMs will now give clients access to instant cash in their hands within seconds of being approved for a payday loan.

Fortunately for our employees and our clients, Cashco Financial ATMs provide access to real cash in a secure fashion and still without having to hide behind bullet-proof glass like the other guys. We simply could not imagine doing business without our famous friendly service of making our clients feel welcome and appreciated by inviting them to sit with us at our desks and work together to provide relief today & hope for tomorrow. But we also wanted to offer all of our clients instant access to their money and the only way to meet both of those goals is to have an ATM capable of processing loans in cash in every single one of our Cashco branches.

How Do I Use The New ATMs For A Payday Loan?

We’re glad you asked because it’s as easy as 123

  1. Your Branch Manager will accompany you to the ATM
  2. The manager will then use the ATM to process the loan
  3. The money pops out and you get your cash

It’s so easy, you don’t even have to sit down! But you are still certainly welcome to sit down and have a complimentary coffee with us. Cashco cares about our employees, clients and communities so it’s no surprise that we would keep improving our product and service offering so that you all get the best possible experience.

Are Cashco ATMs only for Payday Loans?

Currently, we are offering instant cash from our ATMs for all payday loans, but we want to fund all our the loans we offer via the ATMs for optimal convenience in the near future so stay tuned for that. We know that ATMs can be used for everything from cheque cashing to transferring money so you can expect Cashco to offer more streamlined features for you to take advantage of.

Where Can I Use The New ATMs?

Here is a list of our branches that are already equipped with an updated Cashco ATM. Check it out for the location nearest you. If your store is not included yet, don’t worry because it will be getting an updated ATM to provide you with instant cash soon.


12731 50 Street T5A 4L8

12303 107 Avenue T5M 3R2

12940 97 Street T5E 4C3

15830 Stony Plain Rd T5P 3Z6

#128,15277 Castledowns Rd T5X 3N5

13328 114 Avenue T5M 4B7

7407 Roper Road T6B 3K9

9203 34th Avenue T6E 5T5

15301 Stony Plain Rd T5P 3Y7


#104 4402 52 Avenue T9V 0Y9 



1504 22nd Street West, Saskatoon S7M 0T1

1604A Idylwyld Dr North, Saskatoon S7L 1B1

Bay 2, 1810 8th Street E Saskatoon S7H 0T6


North Battleford

#102 – 312 Territorial Dr North Battleford


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