Sometimes, you may find yourself strapped for cash due to a sudden emergency or due to some other unexpected situations. For example, if you meet with an accident or if there is a surgical procedure that you have to undergo immediately, you may be required to spend all your salary on the medical bills. In such a scenario, you will need some quick cash to pay off your household bills. Instead of taking the cash out of your savings, you may try the following ways to get money fast for bills.

Sell Online or Have a Garage Sale

If you look around your house, you may find a number of items that you barely use or do not use at all. Just because you do not use it does not mean that it does not have value. You can try to sell it online via sites such as E-bay or Craiglist. You can pretty much sell any legitimate items via these websites. Your old clothes that you do not use anymore are most often easy sells. You may also donate your cloth to charity, and keep the receipts. You will be able to write this off when you do your taxes. Of course, this is more of a saving than quick money.

You can also have a garage sale. Your ‘unwanted items’ may be ‘wanted items’ for someone else. A garage sale is a very practical way to make some quick money.

Sell Your Photos Online

You can sell you stock photos via websites such as Shutterstock, Fotolia, Bigstockphoto, and so on. Shutterstock is one photo agency that will put your pictures up for sale, and will give you a cut once it is sold.

Sell Handmade or Vintage Items on Etsy

Etsy is a P@P e-commerce website where you can sell your homemade items. For example, if you are good at knitting, you will be able to sell you handiwork here easily. Etsy has a large number of members and visitors. Your products will get a good exposure here. you may also sell any vintage items that you have through Etsy.

Sell Shrubs / Plants From Your Property

If there are extra plants for shrubs (valuable) on your property, you can sell them online. Even if they are not extra, you can sell them if you are in need for some quick cash, Of course, you will have to offer them for a very economical price.

Scan The Wanted Ads

You will come across a number of small, temporary jobs if you scan your local newspapers or check online. These jobs, ranging from cleaning windows to coordinating a backyard barbecue, is a good source for earning some quick, extra cash.

Picking weeds/lawn mowing/snow removal

There are a number of homeowners in Canada who will pay you to pick the weeds, mow their lawns, and for removing snow from their sidewalks during winter. If you are young and fit, you will be able to make quite some money this way, and that too pretty quickly.

University Research/Focus Groups

Many universities need participants for the various studies that they conduct on a regular basis. You can call the universities around you or visit their websites. You can expect a decent compensation for your time and efforts. You may also sign up to participate in focus groups to earn some estra cash.

Professional Services

If you are a skilled professional, you may take up some freelance works, such as helping individuals or SMB’s with income tax preparation, designing web pages, working as a web consultant, fixing computers, and so on. A practical way to earn money for household bills.

Cash Converters

You can sell used or new items for cash at the cash converter stores. Of course, most of the times you will have to take a hit in terms of money, but if you want to cash quickly, you may resort to a cash converter store.

You have to pay your household bills on time. You may also report to short term flex loans to pay the bills. however, it is important that you take the loan from reputable financial institutions, like Cashco Financial. You can opt for a payday loan. You can take up to $1500, and pay it back when you next get your paycheque. As long as you have a valid ID, the source of income, and a chequing account, you will get the cash or the money in your account in a couple of hours. You may also consider the flex loan from Cashco Financial. You can borrow up to $5000, and will have 3 years to pay it off.