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Here are some ways you can get money for your rent bills. But, be advised that you will also have to tighten your belt and start making savings. There is no point in earning if you end up spending everything on buying unnecessary items or taking new loans. Make a proper financial plan as to how you can augment your earnings and how you can save up so that you can settle all your bills. Talk to a financial expert if needed just to get a perspective of how finance works.

Ways to earn extra money:

  1. Start working as a virtual assistant. With the proliferation of companies who are conducting their business online, a number of opportunities have sprung up for people to use their skills to work as virtual assistants.  The jobs are mainly administrative in nature. Sometimes, the job may also require technical or creative knowledge and skills. You can choose a flexible shift and work from the comfort of your home. Payment is usually on an hourly basis or as per your contract. These jobs are generally not permanent but you can earn up to $40-$45 per hour, depending on the quality of your work, the project you are involved in and the market determined rate for your level of skill and type of work.
  2. Teach online courses: There are quite a few websites that can use your services as a tutor. For one, English is in high demand in Asian and African countries where English is not a native language. You will have to follow the course structure, teach or answer questions. Teachers of mathematics is also always in great demand. You can solve problems posed to you online and also correct text papers. You can easily earn up to $25 to $30 per hour. Do it during your spare time.
  3. Exchange used or new stuff at pawn stores: If you have stuff lying around your house that you don’t need, consider taking it to a pawn store like Cash Canada Pawn. They will give you money in seconds just for your old stuff.
  4. Take surveys frequently: A number of large companies look for members of different focus groups to answer their questions. If you take surveys, it helps them to understand the needs of certain focus groups better and they can use the feedback to improve their products and services es. They pay good money for enrolling your services. Take surveys as often as possible because a number of them can be online.
  5. Donate your blood: Blood is in high demand everywhere. There are blood banks in Canada that allow you to donate plasma and pay you good money for each donation. Usually, you will need to have a gap of a couple of days between each donation.
  6. Rent a room or space: If you need extra money to pay off your bills or rent, take in a lodger. You can also rent your kitchen, garden or garage if it is empty. But, exercise caution while choosing a tenant and follow the local laws.

Making extra money is easy with these tips

If you need to make extra money for rent, you can try these ideas to manage the extra cost. But, it needs to be reiterated that you need to have a solid savings plan in place as well. You can talk to your bank to waive off your credit or negotiate for a lower amount. You can also consolidate your credit in one account. A little prudence and patience is all you need to pull yourself out of this quagmire.

ways to save your money