There are many easy options to make extra money for Christmas. You can earn money for Christmas and use it to buy gifts for your friends and family. You can not only buy gifts for them but also make up the possible loss of income that you will have during the holidays. You can even make extra cash for Christmas and use it to fund your expensive trips abroad during the holiday season.

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Here are some quirky, fun and easy ways that you can explore if you need to make extra money for Christmas in Canada.

Tips that will help you to earn money for Christmas

  1. Organize a garage sale: It is one of the easiest ways of making quick cash. You can sell all your old, withered and unwanted stuff through this informal meet. Things that are no more than useless dross to you may be useful to other people and many are often willing to pay good money to buy TV sets, headphones, quilts and anything that seems to gave some worth to them. Mostly, people from your neighborhood and friends would turn up but if you can leverage the social media, you may get visitors from uptown as well! If you want to sell stuff online, you can look at Craiglist or Ebay. It is fast and convenient.
  2. Work as a freelance writer: There are quite a few websites that encourage freelance writers to submit their articles and earn per word or per article. You can earn anything between $5 to $50 quickly depending on the quality of your work, your punctuality, the number of articles you are writing and also the website to which you are submitting your assignments. You will need to have some domain knowledge and your writing skills, you can also start blogging although minting a blog does take some time.
  3. Use a search engine that pays per search: : Swagbucks is one of the most popular in Canada and across the world in this regard. If you set their search engine as default and use it to make searches online, you will get paid per search. You will be paid $5 upfront for signing up in addition to the money that you can make per search.
  4. Share your flat temporarily and rent your parking space: If you own a condominium, you can temporarily share it with a lodger and you may also rent your parking space. These are quick ways to make big bucks! Airbnb is a good place to list your home.
  5. Sell homemade products online: If you have good craftsmanship or you are artistic, you can list your products and services on Etsy. There are a number of categories under which you can sell your products. They have a fat list of members and get lots of daily visitors. So your buyer pool will be considerable and it is a nice way to start your business.
  6. Take odd jobs: It is a tried and tested method for making quick cash. You can baby sit, take dogs out on walks, work as a shop assistant or a bar tender, etc. The best part is that the shifts are flexible which allow you to take up these jobs after your day job or college classes. You can even get money for Christmas fast by decorating homes during the festive season or by answering letters on behalf of Santa Claus!

Christmas is coming, and Cashco Financial gets you ready

There are so many other ways that you can make quick money before or during the festive season. But you need to enjoy what you are doing. Do something not just for the lure of money but because it makes you happy and gives you the motivation to persevere. Think of it as your way of spreading joy and adding to the celebratory mood. If you find yourself still coming up short, Cashco Financial can help you get a Flex Loan with flexible terms and installments. As an added benefit, flex installment loans help improve your credit score.