It’s always a good feeling to know that you helped out an organization that needed the help. It’s even better when you have fun doing it.

That was certainly the case on Wednesday September 21, 2016, when six Cashco Financial employees went and spent the day volunteering at the Little Warriors Charity Golf Tournament at the Belvedere Golf and Country Club.

It was a beautiful day spent outside, sitting at the par threes; seeing if anyone was skilled enough to make the coveted hole in one shot. Unfortunately no one did, but it was still entertaining to watch. A bonus was that none of our volunteers were hit by an errant golf ball; safety first.

This charity golf tournament was to raise funds for Little Warriors, which is a national, charitable organization committed to the awareness, prevention, and treatment of child sexual abuse.

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Before we went, none of us really knew what Little Warriors represented, but we were anxious to find out more about them. We all just jumped at the opportunity to help a charity in need of some local support in Edmonton.

Throughout the day we began to learn more and more about why the charity was started, and all the great ways they help children and their families deal with sexual abuse and overcome trauma.

A major aspect of this charity is their Be Brave Ranch. This ranch offers a clinically proven program combining scientific and other types of therapies for children ages 8-12 from across Canada. The initial stay at the ranch is 28 days, where each child forms close relationships with other children at the ranch. This is followed by three additional 14-day stays throughout the year in order to continue their face-to-face therapy with their counselors, and reconnect with all their new friends at the ranch.

The average cost per child is around $25,000, which due to the kindness of donors, is free to the participants. This is why charitable fundraising events, like the golf tournament, are so important to Little Warriors.

This was the first year for this event and it was deemed to be quite successful. Due to the success, and our helpful volunteers, Cashco Financial has already been asked to help out at next year’s installment of the Little Warriors Charity Golf Tournament in Edmonton, Alberta. So mark it in your calendars everyone! You can help make a positive difference in the life of a child.

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Check out Little Warriors website.