Engagement rings are best paid for in cold hard cash. However, sometimes the time to pop the question is now even if you may be short on money. It is actually quite common in Canada to be eager to pop the question before having the time to save for the ring. Or maybe, you have just moved in with your special someone and new home expenses add up quickly. Although there are options like using a credit card or jewelry store financing, the best way to buy your dream engagement ring when your bank account is short on funds is getting a personal loan for an engagement ring.

How much would it cost me?

An average engagement ring will cost you about $5000, which is a substantial amount for anyone who has just graduated or started a new job. The old adage about your engagement ring being equivalent to three months of your salary does not really make sense anymore. With higher costs of professional studies and training, most of us are still paying off our student loans when we decide to pop the question. It is therefore, quite impractical in today’s world to spend a fortune in a bid to express your love for someone. However, if you wish to buy a super special and expensive engagement ring for the love of your life, you can get a flex loan from Cashco Financial and buy that engagement ring today!

 What are flex loans?

As the name suggests, a flex loan is a flexible loan that gives you with the flexibility of repaying the amount through affordable installment payments over the course of up to three years. The installment payments can be carefully designed by you to coincide with your paycheck dates. Since flex loans allow you to repay the amount gradually over a period of time, they are a great option for anyone who is tired of pinching pennies every time the bills pile up. Since you can easily qualify for flex loans of up to $5000 they are a great method to financing the purchase of your engagement ring.

 Cashco Financial Flex Loans

Cashco Financial is the exclusive provider of flex loans in Canada. A sudden big purchase such as an engagement ring can throw your entire financial stability off guard. With our flex loans, you don’t have to worry about taking extreme measures to meet your financial requirements. Unlike regular payday loans that allow you a cash advance of only up to $1500, flex loans provide you with up to $5,000 which actually covers 100% of the cost for an average engagement ring. Flex loans offer you the added flexibility of repaying the amount in small affordable installments as per your convenience. Flex loans are really a great alternative to a typical payday loan that becomes due by your next pay date.

Typically, a long-term loan offers a low-interest rate to the applicant owing to the repayment schedule spread out over a longer duration of time. The Cashco Financial Flex loan is one such long-term loan that not only offers a convenient rate of interest. Another major advantage of flex loans is that they even individuals with a poor credit score are able to qualify for them. So even if you have a bad credit rating because of a payment default in the past, you can still get a Cashco Financial flex loan and buy that special engagement ring for your girlfriend.

The best aspect of our Cashco flex loans is the online application process that is not only simple to carry out, but also ensures that you receive the funding fast. As a bonus for you, each successful payment is reported to the Credit Bureau so you will actually see your credit score improve if you just keep up with on-time installment payments for your flex loan. So if you wish to get a personal loan for an engagement ring, apply for a flex loan by filling out the application form today. It’s that easy.

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