It is natural to feel overwhelmed and stressed when you have a series of debts linked up for payment and you still have your monthly bills to cater to. However, it is a phase that most of us keep going through owing to a mismanagement of finances or unforeseen contingencies when we are left with an empty pocket and back account by the end of the month. Sometimes installment loans can help you get out, and stay out of a cash crunch. The idea is to avoid panicking in a situation where money runs tight and carefully aligning your bill payments and prioritizing them as per their importance in your everyday life. Here is how you can decide which bills to pay off first and minimize your financial strain.

Which bills should I pay first?


Although it might seem like an unnecessary entry to the list, you will be surprised to know exactly how much you end up spending on your regular food and restaurant visits. It goes without saying that you must set an adequate sum of money aside to cater to your basic food and grocery bills. Although, when you are short on funds, you might want to tone down those lavish dinners and takeaways a little, you must ensure that you do not compromise on the daily nutrition intake of your family.

Household items

There are several household necessities such as soap, detergent, toothpaste toilet paper and the like, that you simply cannot do without. While you can strike out a few over the top luxury items such as perfumes or hair creams on a tight budget, you must ensure that you have enough to spend on the items necessary for keeping your household running. Find out how to find money for household bills.

Essential Utilities

While they might appear to suck out a major chunk of your seed money, essential utility services such as gas, water or electricity should not be compromised upon under nay condition. Extreme heat or cold in your house can lead to a series of serious health problems which would again punch a hole in your pocket. While some utility companies might provide you a specific window for a little delay in your payment, you must ensure that you have enough funds to keep the payment cycle running.

Income taxes

The ramifications of defaulting on your income taxes can be grave and even end up winning you significant jail time. In addition to this, a failure to keep up with your income tax payments will mean an added expenditure on hefty penalties and interest on the due amount. Although, you might be tempted to refrain from paying off your taxes on the due date when you are tight on funds, it might end up complicating your situation further.

Insurance premiums

Those hefty insurance payments might appear to be a huge burden on your difficult financial condition. However, it is just too risky to default on your premiums as it will become far too unaffordable for you to deal with the expenses in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe such as a car accident or a house fire.

Loan Installments

If you have availed any loan against an important possession as collateral, it is best to keep up with your repayment schedule and avoid defaulting on it. The bank has the right to seize and take into possession, your home or vehicle that you might have proclaimed as a collateral if you do not make your loan repayments on time. This would not only have a serious negative impact on your credit score but also make your financial setback worse than before. This is when installment loans and Canada online loans can serve as a better option since they can help you improve your financial standing overall. Cashco flex loans for example give you money now and can be used to rebuild your credit score over time.

Financial management is the key to maintaining a superior quality of life and minimizing any undue mental stress that might otherwise arise out of an empty back account.

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