Sometimes you may need a little extra help buying that first car or refurnishing the apartment and this is where personal loans come into the picture. Loans do not only have to be taken for major expenses like buying a house or paying tuition. Loans can also be taken to fund other kinds of purchases that you may have never considered you might need a loan for.

Here are a few reasons why you might take a personal loan:

Having a big party

You might have a big event coming up like your child’s graduation, a housewarming party or your daughter getting married. Throwing a big party for any one of these occasions can be quite expensive and there is nothing wrong with taking a personal loan to help you cover these expenses. Weddings are especially pricey as a number of friends and family members have to be invited, venues have to be rented and then there’s the honeymoon. Housewarming parties and graduation parties can also get slightly expensive but are necessary to have once in a while in order to celebrate the successes and share happy memories. So taking a personal loan to throw a big party can be an effective option.  Cashco Financial offers flex loans with 6 to 36-month term loans and lower-interest rates that are quite easy to pay off.


We all need a well-deserved break once in a while taking a family trip or holiday or just a trip with your spouse is a great way to unwind and relax. But traveling can be quite expensive as it involves the cost of plane tickets, hotel rooms, shopping, and food. Taking a personal loan to travel can be better than charging everything to your credit card and facing a massive bill all at once. Flex loans from Cashco can get you money now and allow you to pay it back easily over time.

Buying new appliances and upgrading furniture

Your house may need refurbishing every so often and the refrigerator or air conditioning may break down in which case you will have to have these replaced in order to continue living comfortably in your own home. There are personal loans including Cashco flex loans that come with flexible repayment installments that you can choose according to what suits your needs.

Large and unexpected emergencies

Even though you have enough money saved up there will always be something or the other cropping up such as accidents, medical emergencies, a new baby in the family, a wedding etc. Taking a personal loan for any kind of unexpected event or issue can help you and your family in grave financial conditions. Personal loans come with fixed terms and are easy to pay off and won’t add to your overall debt burden. You would need to have a steady income and good financial stability in order to be able to repay your personal loan installments on time with regularity.


Another unexpected financial emergency that may crop up at any point in your life is the fact that you might have to move from one city to another or one country to another. Job transfers, cheaper living and better universities for the kids are all reasons why you might have to uproot your family and entire life and move and personal loans are a good way to help reduce the cost of moving. Moving can be very expensive and a low interest term loan could be your best option to ensure that you don’t arrive at a cash crunch.

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