Alberta is a wonderful province that is filled with amazing hard-working people. With so many hard-working and passionate people, it was a forgone conclusion that some of those people would start businesses here in Alberta. One of those businesses is Cashco Financial. Cashco Financial started in Alberta, employs hundreds of Albertans and serves all Albertans. We do this because we love Alberta and we understand that managing your personal finances can be hard sometimes. Life can throw a curve ball at us at any time, resulting in the immediate need for a little extra money…or in some cases, a lot of extra money. When these events happen, we often turn to the banks. Unfortunately, the banks sometimes turn us away. But if you are turned away from the bank, what are you supposed to do?

While this may not be a question in the minds of some, it can be a terrifying proposition for others. The fact is that almost everything in life costs money and when you don’t have enough, you can be put in a very difficult situation. Recently, the government of Alberta enacted new regulations that are exceptionally inhibitive to payday loan providers to the point where many of them are now simply refusing to lend money to anyone. These new regulations were supposed to make it easier for Albertans to access loans and also be able to pay them back more easily. However, unfortunately the regulations are actually reducing access to loans because many lenders are closing their doors and refusing to provide any money at all to people with poor credit histories. Access to extra money can be sourced from various places, but when you have a poor credit score, you are immediately restricted from the vast majority of those places. For the past few decades in Alberta, if you could not get money from friends or family and the banks closed their doors to you, payday loan lenders would still be able to get you the money you needed without having you jump through a series of hoops. Today is a different story though since more and more payday loan lenders are turning people away. What some people may not realise is that without payday loans, people cannot abuse payday loans and get into a cycle of debt, but the need for extra money is not resolved.

There will always be a times in life where the immediate need for extra money is present. If we have good credit and have been fortunate enough to have been able to save an emergency fund, then we will likely be able to resolve our cash shortfall. However, if we are not so fortunate, or have made some poor choices in the past, we could be susceptible to malicious ramifications. Without immediate access to extra cash, we could lose our utilities, our possessions, and even our home. There are cases every single day all over the world where a family is getting evicted, or having to go without food or electricity for long periods of time.

Cashco Financial has always been a different kind of lending institution. We offer an array of financial products and services to Albertans who need them, regardless of their credit history. At Cashco Financial, we believe in providing relief for today and hope for tomorrow. Unlike other lenders, we love our clients and only aim to help them along their personal financial journeys. That is why we develop a relationship with each one of our clients instead of having them line up behind bulletproof glass and serving them like numbers instead of people. Since we have always been a little different, it makes sense that we would continue being different and keep our doors open to all Albertans who need a payday loan every once and awhile. Cashco Financial is open and ready to accept you no matter what the circumstances are because we care.

Now that you know that Cashco Financial will never leave you high and dry, let’s cover the new regulations in Alberta and how we will use them to benefit you and all of our clients. First and foremost, if you come to any Cashco Financial location across Alberta, you can get a payday loan at the cheapest interest rate in Canada. You can borrow any amount from $100 to $1500 at 15% for the term of the loan. Unlike elsewhere in Canada, where a payday loan usually has a term of 10 to 14 days, in Alberta you can have a term of 42 to 62 days. There are also more options to pay back your payday loan. You can opt to make three equal payments over the course of the term, or pay the back all at once. So for example, if you take a payday loan for $300, you have the option of making three affordable payments of $115 over the course of 42 days to repay the entire loan. Or you can make one payment for 100% of the outstanding amount, the choice is yours. One caveat to remember is that you will not be able to borrow again until the loan has been paid back in its entirety.

The payday loan product has become much more consumer-friendly and does not need to be feared by anyone. Instead, more Albertans should view a payday loan as a safety net that can be used in a pinch no matter what. “Last month I had $238 in my account and I had a power bill for $115 and an internet bill for $80 leaving me with $43 until I got paid the following week. But I knew that it was only a matter of time before that darn dryer started a fire or gave out completely. I’m just happy that Cashco was there for me with a quick loan that tided me over until I got paid,” one of our clients recently proclaimed. The days of fearing payday loans are over. Payday loans can be a vital resource when you need fast and easy access to cash.

Despite payday loans from Cashco Financial becoming more affordable, there are still alternatives for you to consider. One of these options is a Cashco Financial Flex Loan. Flex Loans are better solutions for long-term financial short-falls. They allow you to borrow up to $5000 to consolidate debts, make a large purchase, or even start a business. You have up to 3 years to repay a Flex Loan, and you can customize and set your own terms and conditions for your specific Flex Loan. Your needs are flexible and so our solutions are flexible too.

Always remember that Cashco Financial cares about you. We were here for you yesterday, we’re here for you today, and we’ll be here for you tomorrow Alberta.