Welcome to the Real World

The relationship established between Cashco and ATB has opened a new chapter in providing real world banking for everyone.  Through the introduction of accounts empowered by ATB, including the EveryDay Use Account and the Savings Account, Cashco, with ATB at its side, is transforming banking and giving it more purpose and meaning, fulfilling a mandate to serve all Albertans.

One aspect of this story is captured by the video we invite you to watch, which reveals the poignant realities of Mothers who strive to strike the balance between being nurturers as well as income earners.  Certainly, many Canadians struggle to meet the economic challenges in a volatile world.  Cashco’s Real World Banking experience is exactly that — a real response to real needs — and not all needs are alike.  And not all financial circumstances come with a bow wrapped around it or a safety net.

Tim Latimer, Cashco CEO, has inspired everyone at Cashco to understand the real meaning of “Relief today and hope for tomorrow”.  This simple idea, which also resonates within ATB’s traditional banking world, recognizes the needs Albertans have to not only maintain and sustain financial health, but to also build on that financial health through a process that improves credit standing and builds towards financial goals.

These accounts offer incentives and flexibility.  They also help build the access that Moms and all Cashco clients seek in terms of Cashco loans, which can help consolidate debt, pay off bills, and grow funds for future goals.

Real World Banking is a new chapter in providing banking services
to everyone

The stories the four women in the video share reveal the resilience and tenacity of Mothers who, while raising a family, have accomplished seemingly impossible goals, such as Shay who dreamed about going back to school to become a nurse.  They talk about the need for support, not just financially, but emotionally.  Despite the obstacles and barriers, they prevailed.  Help came from sources unexpected.

Cashco was the unexpected.  As a company dedicated to creating a real relationship with its customers, the company has been able to walk alongside these Mothers and help them achieve their goals and transform their lives.  The success of these relationships between client and company exemplifies the purpose of Real World Banking: to help, enable and promote the possibilities of a better future.

At ATB and Cashco, the Real World Banking initiative has inspired staff internally.  There is an even greater awareness of their role in taking banking beyond its traditional values.  Yes, it’s good for business.  There is no shame in offering this truth with transparency; however, it is the vital, three-way connection between running a good business, offering meaningful products and truly understanding the beingness of human beings that makes Real World Banking an actionable financial experience delivering a real-time value its customers embrace to the fullest extent.

Real World Banking an actionable financial experience delivering a real-time value to its customers.

For example. With our Mom savings account that will be introduced in May 2017, for every 10 dollars deposited in the savings account, Cashco will  match it with another $10 dollars up to $120. Other incentives are in development and will soon be released in the market.

Cashco has a lofty goal: to “Become globally recognized as another kind of bank  by 2025.”  It is not a gratuitous cause emboldened by bottom lines and profit margins.  It is a company and its team of people, who see a real need in the world to expand the availability of meaningful banking services.  And that’s something that is good for the economy, which means it is good for everyone.