Cashco Stores in Alberta offer accounts empowered by ATB

EDMONTON, AB.  On Monday, February 13, Cashco and ATB Financial announced an innovative arrangement allowing Cashco, a leader in alternative financing, to offer Transaction and Savings Accounts empowered by ATB Financial.

Tim Latimer, Cashco PRESIDENT and CEO, says the new arrangement was inspired by the desire to serve all Albertans. “We have always been focused on providing relief today and hope tomorrow.  This new chapter in delivering meaningful banking services to everyone is the right thing happening at the right time.”

Following weeks of intensive training and after fulfilling rigorous compliance requirements, Cashco has fully launched these innovative accounts throughout all of its Alberta stores. Cashco front line staff, with the help of ATB has enrolled new clients into Cashco Everyday Use bank accounts.

Dave Mowat, ATB PRESIDENT and CEO, has also recognized the changing environment for Albertans. “Today, things are changing, we’ve listened and instead of asking them to come to us, we’re going to them.”

The accounts were created to bring meaningful banking to underbanked and underserved Albertans. Everyday Use Account options include: overdrafts up to $500 with no monthly fees and a 25 cent cashback incentive on every transaction.  The MOM Matched Savings Account was launched in April 2017 to help moms save. The account will match a $10 monthly savings deposit with $10 from Cashco up to $120 annually.

The relationship between Cashco and ATB is unprecedented in the financial sector.  Cashco is a leader in the Canadian alternative finance industry.  With headquarters in Edmonton, Cashco, established in 2007, offers a full suite of financial services.  In addition to these new accounts, Cashco offers Flex Loans, cheque cashing, and money transfer services.  Cashco operates both online and through a network of branches throughout BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.   A team of 200 people service over 50,000 clients.

For questions about banking services or to book an appointment, please call your Personal Banking Concierge at 1-855-336-2100.