IT’s a FREE-FOR-ALL in 2017

During our 150th year of Confederation, Canadians and communities across the nation are doing the “free” thing.  So here is this Canadian’s guide to your free ride in 2017.

  1. A free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass. Parks Canada has unleashed unlimited opportunities to discover parks across Canada.  Get the skinny on how you can get one online and take advantage of some 0f the best parks in the world.  Make Canada your vacation destination.
  2. Passport 2017. This personalized application connects you to events and opportunities across the country and covers culture, food, sports and travel.  The Passport 2017 App is available at the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.

  1. Top Places to be in 2017.  

Ottawa: the big party is July 1st and will probably be the largest party.

Charlottetown: the birthplace of Confederation hosts the Atlantic 150th Celebration Regatta.

Toronto: the city’s orchestra will tour its musical mosaic at home and across the country.

Vancouver:  the 11-day First Nations’ festival celebrates Canada’s roots and diversity.

Montreal: multiple events are planned in Old Town.

Sesqui: look for the multimedia dome village travelling across the nation.

Calgary’s Living Flag event will bring Riverfront Avenue to life with music and markets.

Dawson City: relive the Klondike with everything from paddle races to Cancan girls and gold-panning competitions.

Regina: take in the Canada’s Strongest Man event as well as live bands like musical icons, Doug and the Slugs.

Check municipal websites for schedules of events.

The Community Foundations of Canada has provided funds to many communities to help them celebrate this special year.  The best destination for information is your community’s website if they have one and, generally, they do.  Go to the Foundation’s website and you will find out who is doing what and where.  It has been estimated that, so far, 20,000 volunteers have signed up to support local activities.  Some community projects are celebrating new refugees in Canada.

One very interesting celebration is “Sharing Dance Day 2017”  A community initiative of Canada’s National Ballet School, the program is getting Canadians engaged in dance across the country.

Check municipal websites for schedules of events.

It is a good idea to check your community’s local website.  Chances are your municipality has one.  If not, check the website of a larger centre near you as it may have information on events going on in your area.

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