The proliferation of mommy bloggers in North America is compelling evidence to me, as a man, that moms continue to communicate incessantly. And for good reason.
The topics covered by the top mommy bloggers are always in tune and in sync with what moms are thinking about. Moms, unlike dads, are more comfortable seeking out information about life as an individual and certainly as a parent, striving to survive in a confusing world. Yes, that is one man’s perspective. So, I’ll own it. I actually wrote for a blog out of Toronto called Dadditudes, which is now in limbo. Go figure.
When I researched who the top mommy bloggers were in Canada, I found the Readers’ Digest list of top Canadian mommy bloggers. Pretty impressive when you consider that there are over 4,000 mommy bloggers spread out across the country.
So, here’s an introduction to some of the top Canadian mommy bloggers. I encourage you to review the

Reader’s Digest list. I am confident you will find a wealth of information and perspective from any one of these wonderful individuals who are also top notch writers.
Laura offers a blend of trends, child development and family values. As a young mother of two very young children, she is very candid about the challenge to adapt to parenthood.
Emma also has three children and likes juicy topics like celebrities, current affairs and politics. She’s got a thing about spanking and thinks the government needs to take a stronger position regarding the issue. Reader’s Digest described her as a blogger who makes you “see the world through a kids eyes”.
Catherine is originally from Ontario and now lives in New York. She likes to focus on tough issues like bullying. She also covers feminism and social media.
It’s all about balance for Ali. She also enjoys history and television. Her philosophy resonated with me. “I try to explain to my kids that I did all the playing when I was a kid; it’s their turn to play now. I am not responsible for building fun into every minute of every day.”
There are 4,000 mommy bloggers in Canada.
There it is —- served, like appetizers and a good glass of wine as only moms might do when getting together for an unfiltered conversation. Let us know who you like as a mommy blogger. Maybe you’ve been thinking about writing yourself. Please do. There is no shortage of insights that only a Mom can bring to the intellectual and emotional table of life.