Easter is the one time when it is safe to put all your eggs in one basket.

15 But it is also about the things you can prepare leading up to Easter that brings out the EGG-cellence in all of us. So here is a list of easy things to do, family style.

  • Q-Tip Easter egg decorating. Inspired by Clare’s Little Tots. Cut some egg shapes out of thick paper or craft paper. Take some water colour paint and Q-tips. Voila! It’s fun and good for the toddler’s motor skills.
  • Jelly bean stem structures. Thanks to the Stem Factory, you can put those unused toothpicks to good use. Connect them with jelly beans and there is no end to what you can make. For example, make a napkin holder for Easter dinner.
  • Not just another Easter egg hunt. There’s the usual hunt. Turn them loose and look everywhere. Why not use riddles with answers that reveal the location? EGGsample: “Your very last clue, try not to peep. Are you feeling tired, try not to sleep.”
  • Party games. Check out Cul de sac Cool. They have game suggestions and printable templates for some of them. Here’s an EGGsample: Easter Bunny bowling. Print out their bunny rabbit template and stick them on soda bottles. Choose a suitably large ball and roll away.
  • Decorating real eggs. Perhaps this is the centerpiece of Easter activities. Brit + Cohas 100 different ways to do this. But my favourite is these “Eggs on a Shelf”. Kids love painting faces and now, you can put the toilet paper rolls to good use. Add two legs for good measure and sit them on a shelf or the end of a table. Brilliant!

So much for the egg.

Where did the rabbits and eggs come from? Some say German literature in the early 1600s. Others claim that, many centuries before, the Anglo Saxon pagans dedicated April to Rheda, their goddess of fertility and offspring. The celebration was referred to as ”Eoastre”. But the greater wave of adoption to rabbits, hares and eggs didn’t occur until the late 19th century and migrated to North America quite quickly.

If you’re interested, follow these links to images of Easter. And Happy Easter!