It must be written somewhere in the universal handbook of parents that moms and sads consider it their job to make the wishes of their children come true. Just ask Santa and the Tooth Fairy and, of course, the Easter Bunny.
Parents crave to see the expression of surprise on their innocent faces. It is, perhaps, the most genuine, pure human expression of happiness. More often than not, parents overreach, thinking bigger is better when it comes out of the box. The reality for many is that the box comes in limited sizes.
Cashco Financial has many parents among its working family. When asked what might make a difference within the world of giving, the answer was simple: let parents decide. It made perfect sense. Who better to choose a child’s wish to fulfill. In that spirit, Cashco presents Cashco’s Spring Wishing Well.
Win $250 and make a wish come true.
You can get full details on the contest page but here’s the skinny. The contest is open to Canadian residents 18 years or older. No, you don’t have to be a parent. Uncles, aunts, grand parents, brothers and sisters — even family friends — can enter. Make sure Cashco gets your correct contact information. The submission form is pretty clear.
This is important. The closing date is 4pm MST, Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Should you win, we need your confirmation; otherwise Cashco Financial reserves the right to choose another winner. Also, Cashco will ask you to sign consent to use your name and likeness for marketing purposes,
[Contest closing date is 4pm MST, Wednesday, April 19, 2017.
Now, the really fun part. Describe the wish you want to fulfill. It can be anything and the winner will receive a Terramundi Money Pot with $250 in it. You can only enter once, so give it your best.

For the record, history tells us that the wishing well originated within European folklore and the idea that deities resided in water, the source of life. Germans and Celts considered these wells as sacred places. In fact, Germans often threw weapons and armour of their defeated enemies into water pools, even bogs, as an offering to the gods.
The tradition of throwing money and coins into a well has also been tied to mythology, specifically Mirmir’s Well from Nordic Myth.
The Terramundi money pot is a traditional Etruscan money pot, which has been around for over 2000 years. The design is standard and has remained unchanged in two millennia. The custom is to smash it to get the money. The leftover fragment is then used to support a candle or cradle your keys or — hey — leftover change.
So, now you know. The Cashco Spring Wishing Well combines tradition, folklore and, of course, dreams.
What is your child’s or family’s dream? Share it and, who knows, the stars may align to deliver a $250 reward for your efforts. Move over Tooth Fairy!