Canada is an incredible place to call home.

It’s made up of people from all cultures and walks of life. And some of the most amazing scenery is within the borders.

There are countless stories of Canadian men and women who played very important roles in developing the country. Let’s not forget about all the great things Canada has given the world, like the snowmobile and the goalie mask. And if you’re more of a baby boomer than a millennial, you might have very happy memories about a Canadiana classic: the Log Driver’s Waltz.

The most astounding thing about this place is if you want to make things better, you can. Sure, it’s hard. Ok, really, really hard. But you can make it better.

That’s what inspires us at Cashco to do better every day, and support our clients like no one else can.

Because of everyone’s hard work, it’s getting better every year.

Happy 150, Canada.

Out of the ashes

It was an early morning in Brantford, Ontario. Bonita Price, her daughter and son-in-law and three grandchildren were still asleep in their upper apartment. Bonita woke to the smell of smoke. She rushed out and saw fire consuming the home at the back door.

Within seconds, she rushed through the kitchen to the rooms where her family was sleeping and wrangled everyone out of the apartment with only the clothes they were wearing on their backs. Emergency crews arrived quickly, but the older building was already being consumed.
EMTs rushed the family to hospital and checked everyone for smoke inhalation. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but they had lost everything in the fire — a lifetime of memories.The cause of the fire was not determined and Bonita and her family are currently living in a motel and looking for a new place.

When Cashco employees in the Brantford branch heard about the fire, they recognized the name. Bonita Price was a client of the branch. She had a loan with the branch and there was a balance owing on the loan.
Cashco Associate, Margaret Terence, known better as Maggie, took the steps to retire the outstanding amount to help Bonita and her family get back on their feet.
Bonita remembers Maggie and others for their caring. “They were great,” she said. The Cashco team also provided her with $50 grocery card.
We are always ready to help each other. And now, thanks to the community, they can begin to create new memories.

The Engagement

Reyanne* had found true love to a young police officer in New Brunswick. As the career would have it, the young RCMP officer was assigned to his new posting — a few thousand miles away in Airdrie, Alberta. For Reyanne and her beau, life and distance intervened.

It was a financial challenge for the couple who had been planning the wedding for next year. Reyanne needed help and didn’t want to burden the family. Although she didn’t require a large loan, it was still significant enough and she began to do the research online, searching for a financial solution.

After various options, Cashco landed at the top of her list. Reyanne applied online and, to her surprise, she got what she needed within two days.

She recalls how easy it was. “The application was really easy. And I needed something immediately without having to jump through a lot of hoops. The Cashco representative was incredibly efficient, kind and pleasant.” Reyanne is now making plans to move out and join her husband to be. It’s important to remember some people don’t require a lot of money; just enough to cover those unexpected expenses.

Michael Kryton is a regular contributor to Cashco Financial and the author of “A Brilliant Idea Every 60 Seconds”, an account and how-to of his ideation methodology, published by Gildan Media New York and available at Michael enjoys politics, music, movies, social media and stir-fries when he’s not giving permanence to thoughts with words.