For many people, applying for a loan can feel the prospect of a trip to the dentist. The mindset tends to be that, as an applicant, you are the underdog. Your glass is already half empty as opposed to half full. The vision of a snarly, chunky person (usually a man) wearing a bland suit is conjured up, so much so, we try to avoid the process altogether.

So, let’s change your point of view. First of all, companies that offer loans need the business. Certainly, they have criteria they use to decide whether or not they can give you the money you will eventually give back to them — with interest.

The good news is that smaller loans are now easily accessible online. No need to talk to a snarly man in a suit. That’s the key — SMALL loans.

The chances of being approved for loans under $5,000 are far greater. That’s why financial institutions, like Cashco Financial for example, have set up online applications to be easy. They want you to get what you need. They want you to experience a successful transaction and experience, simply because it is good business and a win-win for everyone.

There are limitations, of course, but here are some tips to guide you to your goal.

The chances of being approved for loans under $5,000 are far greater.

  1. Ask only for what you need. Make sure you limit yourself to a loan amount that truly serves your purpose and an amount you know you can repay. With Cashco Financial, they can give you up to 36 months to repay. A three-year payment schedule will give you a lower payment you can handle easily.
  2. Do your homework. Compare financial institutions. Remember, YOU are the client. Compare what each financial institution offers in terms of criteria, interest rates, payment schedules and fees. Just as important, become familiar with any penalties. No one wants to believe they will default or miss payments, but be aware of what happens if you run into these issues. It happens to the best of us.
  3. Understand what you need to provide. Financial institutions and loan companies usually ask for these items.
  4. Provide proof of legal age and who you are. Government ID’s like driver’s licenses are usually required. Passports are also an option or any other official proof of citizenship
    b. Provide proof of income. Pay-stubs or an official letter from your employer will serve the purpose.
    c. Have an active bank account. Sixty days is a typical minimum.

Generally speaking, when you apply online, you will be asked to register. Nothing unusual about that. This allows the lender to send you confidential communications about your loan and other offers they may be able to let you consider. For example, Cashco can keep you informed about the status of your Flex Loan and may also send you information about other short-term loans as well as other special promotions or contests.

The other convenient aspect of online loans is that the loan amount you need can be sent via electronic money directly to your account. So, you see, no snarly man in a suit and you never have to leave your house to get it all done.

Loans can be deposited directly into your account.

Smaller loans are a great way to manage your credit, consolidate small debts or pay for something you really need immediately. A smaller loan always provides a light at the end of shorter tunnel. We can all use a little less stress in our financial lives. Financial institutions have recognized how great the need is for a smaller loan like Cashco’s Flex Loan.

If you don’t yet have an active account, there’s more good news. Cashco also offers everyday bank accounts with automatic overdraft protection and matched savings accounts. Account cards are also becoming available. These accounts are empowered by ATB Financial.

So, if you do not have an account and would like to eventually get a loan, this is a very easy and painless way to start. And you can apply online for those accounts, too. One might say, thanks to online financial services, the man in the suit has to find another job.