We know banks judge people, but there’s no judgment here.

That’s why we’ve reached the 5,000 accounts milestone in Alberta. And for that, we want to say thank you.

Thank you for helping us grow. We’re proud to serve you.

We know people are unbanked, under-banked and underserved—and that many of you were turned away from other banks.

Other banks look at you and see a risk. We see a person.

At Cashco, we believe that meaningful access to essential banking services is a right for everyone regardless of employment or financial history. That’s why we designed our accounts – empowered by ATB Financial – to make sense for all Albertans, no matter their credit score.

We know we’re doing a great job because 4,999 people just like you have flocked to these accounts in less than six months.

What we offer is so much better than traditional bank accounts that have more fees than you can handle, and often fees that aren’t clearly disclosed.

When we explain these new accounts to our clients, they ask us what the catch is. That’s the best part: when we go over the details and show them there’s no catch, they light up right away.

It’s an honour to be a part of that.

We know these accounts are really just the start of something bigger and better.

No judgment. No barriers. No catch. Our accounts offer you flexibility and the ability to manage your money and unforeseen expenses.

As we continue to grow our services, we’re excited to find new ways to help you with your money.

Thank you for banking with us.

-The entire Cashco family