Finding a decent paying job is, at best, difficult. Even university graduates struggle to find the jobs they hoped for. The evolution of vocational schools and programs in colleges offering continuing education course and programs has grown significantly in the past 20 years. The demand for continuing education from the 50-year-old plus population specifically has been out distancing other population segments.

Various sectors have seen job demand grow such as culinary services, beauty and cosmetology, health care, legal services and media arts, among some others.

Outside of the bricks and mortar institutions, a survey by Global Shapers of young people revealed that 80 percent of them have taken online courses. Worldwide, the e-learning market will grow this year to $255 billion up from $167 billion.

Of course, taking online courses require you to have basic computer skills. It is worth the effort to acquire them if you don’t. A world of opportunity waits for you. Online education can lead you to a host of qualifications as anything from a community support worker and travel counselor to a help desk support technician.

These are the kinds of jobs Robertson College offers training for online. Based out of Calgary and Winnipeg, Robertson’s menu of programs is comprehensive. Many online colleges offer both part-time and full-time programs, which accommodates the many students who work and have families.

It is difficult to quote the total cost of any one program or course, but, generally speaking, online programs will cost a student thousands less than traditional on-campus programs. A 24-credit online program at Alberta’s Athabasca University will cost about $5,300 for residents in Alberta and $6,400 if they live outside Alberta. Canadian senior citizens in Alberta pay $3,400 and $4,500 outside Alberta. Bear in mind that costs can vary depending on resource materials required, such as books.

[The e-learning market will grow to $255 billion worldwide in 2017.]

Most of the most popular online courses relate to web development and software programming, but it is interesting to note that courses on learning to play piano, writing and Reiki (the Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation) are among the top courses that sell online.

If you have an interest, Google it as a course. Chances are there is an online course out there. Let’s say you enjoy working with children and families. A Google of social worker online courses revealed a host of courses and programs such as Lakeland college and Academic Earth.

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All it takes is one course to get you started. If the internet has done anything for humanity, it has brought a broader array of choices into our lives. Take advantage of it.