It’s all about saving money. There are many websites devoted to this cause. So, we decided to peruse some of them and, yes indeed, there are savings to be had. Of course, you could open a Mom Matched Savings Account with Cashco empowered by ATB Financial and for every $10 a month you save, Cashco will match it to a maximum $120 a year.

In the meantime, while you’re shopping, check out this list of sites.

  1. You get free shipping on orders over $45 and bear in mind that the prices are in $US. Items featu4ed include: furniture, rugs, décor, bed and bath, kitchen, jewelry, clothing and shoes, toys, sports and outdoor stuff and more. They’re clearance section offers up to 85 percent off. They offer frequent promotions.
  2. Computers, electronics and home and garden head the list. They select the best 300 discounts sold by reputable stores. Products will include refurbished units and they even feature free items. Some offers will extend additional discounts with a promo code that can be used even on sale items.
  3. Groupon. If you haven’t already heard of them, Groupon offers coupons carrying discounts primarily on services. The list includes travel, restaurants, health and fitness, beauty and spas, events, and automotive. Discounts range from $5 and up with some over $100. The promotions are geo-located, so if you are in Calgary, for example, you’ll see offers in Calgary. You can, however, look for deals elsewhere by entering the desired location on their search bar.
  4. Like the name suggests, everyday is a new day. They cover quite a range from apparel to electronics (computers, audio, cellphones), home accessories and even drones. Some items are discounted up to 90%. Probably the best way to track the best deals is to sign up for their alerts.
  5. If you like gadgets, this is your site. There are tons of things to hunt for” cell phones, tablets, wearable technology, toys and hobbies, home and living, sports and outdoor, and gifts and festival supplies. They even have a category called the “Overseas Warehouse”. You can also select the “Spain” or “EU” warehouse.
  6. The selection is expansive and includes pretty much everything. You can search by deals, coupons, and stores. They also have a “Deal Alerts” tab as well as a Black Friday tab. The forum gives you the chance to connect with others who use the site.

There are many compiled lists of the many sites beyond the ones mentioned. There are 13 sites listed as “Cheaper than EBAY”. Some of them have been featured in this article.

If you have found a site that saves you money, let us know. Contact us on our site.

If you are uncertain of a site, check for security certifications. You might want to ask your online communities if they are familiar with them. At the end of the day, shopping online can be risky, so it is perhaps prudent to stick to smaller items. Also, be aware that things like clothing sixes can often be disappointing once you receive the apparel and try them on.

Check the “return policies” so that if something doesn’t work out, you can return it.

Eighty percent of Canadians shop online. So, this suggests that online marketers are doing a good job at offering acceptable product at a good price in a secure environment providing a relatively easy transaction process.

Happy shopping! And SAVING!!!