All the pro tips you need to become a self-starter

You’ve seen the inspiration quotes on Instagram encouraging you to create your own future, and you’ve probably felt the spark inside of you that says you can reach for more — but how do you actually reach your goals?

Knowing how to save, how to set financial goals, and how to take charge of your own life are skills that require practice and support from others.

Want to know our best tips to help you become the kind of kick-butt, in charge, going-places person you know you can be? We’ve put together a list of some of our best strategies.

Make everything you do count

You’re probably already a great deal-hunter, but we’re talking here about being extra savvy with your time and energy. For example, since you have to open a bank account anyways, why not search for the absolute best bank account you can? With Cashco’s Everyday Use Account, for example, you get 25 cents back for every transaction on your account. Hello! That’s making good use of your energy. Don’t let opportunities to make a little bit of extra money or save extra time for your family slip by — every little bit adds up and snowballs into giving you more power in your life.

Stay on top of personal finance trends

You don’t have to be a finance news junkie to be in the loop on when it comes to your own personal finances, but it’s helpful to know what current events may effect your wages and your savings. We’ve made a list of some of the top personal finance trends to keep your eye on in 2018 to help you.

Declutter your life and start an emergency fund

Have you read the popular book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? We’ll sum it up for you by telling you the basic premise: things are just nicer with less clutter. One strategy some people have been following since the book came out is to get rid of items for every day of the month. For example, on the first of the month you get rid of one item. On the second of the month you get rid of two items, and so on.

We’re not suggesting just tossing all of your items in the garbage. No, no! But we are suggesting looking at ways you can declutter and possibly sell or trade those items in to give you some cash. Now there’s an idea to seriously commit to!

You can use the extra money you make (even if it’s just $25 or $50) to jump start your emergency fund. Having a small amount of cash put aside for the worst case scenario will give you peace of mind so you can stop worrying about “what if” and have money to call the locksmith, change your tire, or deal with any other small things that might come up in your life.

Being proactive is the first step

The first step to becoming that take charge, self-starting individual you dream of becoming is to be proactive. Little tips like the ones we outlined above are ways that you can start to set yourself up for success. It might not be fun to go through all of the extra stuff in your house to come up with only $25, but once you have the emergency fund rolling you’ll be that much more empowered to go after some of the bigger fish you’re chasing. The same goes with setting up a new bank account, or committing to a new savings solution.

If you want help getting started on any of these ideas, reach out to us and we’d be happy to have one of our professionals work with you!