Cashco is excited to announce a new partnership with Sponsor Energy that gives customers a chance to save hundreds of dollars on their day-to-day electrical and natural gas needs. Sponsor Energy is a socially conscious energy broker that offers competitive pricing while donating 50% of all profits to local charities.

Their honest approach to business perfectly aligns with the Cashco Financial philosophy of putting Albertans and their banking needs first. We are changing the way people think about banking and now, together, the way people pay their natural gas and electrical bills.

Here’s How It Works

Cashco and Sponsor Energy have established an innovative program that is exclusively for their Alberta customers. Sponsor Energy will donate 50% of the margin on your usage as a credit to your energy bills, into your bank account on a quarterly basis. Or, you can choose a charity to have the margins of your usage donated to. Some of our community sponsors include charities like Alberta Cancer Foundation, Calgary Food Bank, Hope Mission, and many more.

By fostering strategic relationships with suppliers in deregulated markets across North America, Sponsor Energy is able to profit-share with organizations like Cashco to provide competitive pricing that doesn’t break the bank. Customers pay the actual wholesale market price of just 1 ¢/kWh for electricity, 89 ¢/GJ for natural gas and a small fee for service. And with a paperless billing system and honest approach to business, you can enjoy low prices without having to worry about hidden retail fees.

Providing Access to Affordable Every Day Electrical & Gas Needs

The Cashco philosophy has always been about making the lives of hardworking Albertans easier. With a variety of banking options and programs designed to bring relief for people dealing with credit and debt issues – Flex Loans, The Everyday Use Account, Jumpstart Savings Account — Cashco is changing the way banking works.

We wanted to move beyond just banking, though. By working with Sponsor Energy, we can actually make an even bigger difference in the lives of our customers by providing value to a service they already spend money on each month. Whether you choose to use the 50% margin towards your energy bills or spend it on a charity in your community that means a lot to you, you are receiving something of substance from an otherwise meaningless expense.

Are You With a Different Energy Provider?

Making the switch to Sponsor Energy is simple. There are no long-term contract or cancellation fees. There are no deposits or gimmicks. It’s simply two like-minded businesses working together to make our community a better place. Sign-up online today and cut the costs and boost your savings all in one shot.