Cashco Financial has been recognized by as an organization that has lived up to their brand promise of providing relief today and hope for tomorrow to underbanked and underserved Canadians. was created to help North Americans with credit issues find the resources they need to make successful credit decisions. Their writers are experts in the field who provide ratings of various financial services geared toward the subprime market.

Cashco Helps Every Day Albertans with Suite of Financial Products

Cashco Financial recognizes the needs of Canadians are diverse. With millions of people living paycheck to paycheck and the average Canadian owing $8,500 in consumer debt, excluding their mortgage, the need for flexible banking options and alternative financial products has never been higher.

Cashco Financial saw that banks were failing their customers at almost every turn. With a one-size-fits-all strategy and countless fees, banks were actually contributing to the problem and trapping Canadians in a never-ending cycle of debt. Hardworking people were being taken advantage of with predatory loans and unfair banking practices.

That’s why Cashco developed a suite of financial products designed to help the everyday Canadian foster positive spending habits and provide relief from financial struggles. Programs like Moms Match Savings Account, Everyday Use Account, and Flex Loans have helped more than 49,000 Canadians get back on their feet and develop better spending habits for the future.

Providing Financial Relief for Canadians

Cashco Financial and Alberta Treasury Branch have teamed up to develop a series of credit-building products that give Albertans with bad credit or no credit access to safe, short-term loans with low fees. These programs not only give hardworking Canadians relief today, they provide hope for a better tomorrow.

While most banks undervalue the specific needs of their customers, Cashco has worked tireless to understand the problems that contribute to debt. Instead of looking at you as just another number, Cashco sees the individual person behind the account and identifies the tools they need to succeed.

Helping Alberta Moms Make Ends Meet

It’s hard enough making sure the bills are paid and there is enough food on the table each month, let alone planning and saving for the future. You survive one month only to restart the cycle over again the next. How do mothers get ahead in this economy, especially when the cost of living keeps going up?

Cashco Financial created the Moms Match Savings Account to help hardworking moms put money away for a rainy day. There’s no fee to apply and no monthly fee after that. Better yet, there is no credit check to worry about, either. Instead, Cashco actually gives you money when you deposit funds in your account.

For every $10 you put into your Moms Match Savings Account, Cashco will match it – up to $120 per year. By the end of the year, moms who deposit $120 will have a total of $240 with the additional funds supplied by Cashco. Alberta moms who are just trying to stay afloat now have the opportunity to get ahead without worrying about the hidden fees that are typically associated with your average bank account.

A Bank Account with No Hidden Fees and No Credit Check

Life is unpredictable. You work for months to get ahead only to find yourself back at square one after an unexpected expense surprises you, depleting your savings account. After talking with hundreds of customers, Cashco realized that these unexpected life events were actually really common. Especially in uncertain economic times where job security isn’t guaranteed and expenses can increase without warning.

The Everyday Use Account helps you when things don’t go according to plan. Instead of being charged money to bank, Cashco Financial actually gives you 25¢ every time you use your account. This account also allows you to take up to $500 in overdraft in case the unexpected happens. Customers with bad credit or no credit can apply for this bank account without a credit check and if they sign up for Direct Deposit they don’t have to worry about a monthly fee or required balance.

Sarah Cruze of Red Deer, Alberta said the Everyday Use Account actually made all the difference in the world after an unfortunate car accident left her with long list of auto repairs. “I needed to fix my car so I could get back to work,” said Cruze. “Without having the ability to dip into my overdraft, I would have been fired. The Everyday Use Account helped me get back on my feet and start working as soon as possible. I couldn’t have done that with any other account.”

Flex Loans Help You Adapt When Life is Unpredictable

Thanks to high interest rates and fees, short term loans have long contributed to the cycle of debt many Canadians now find themselves trapped in. Cashco designed Financial Flex Loans to help break this cycle. Instead, Flex loans are long-term personal loans that come with low interest rates and allow bankers to rebuild their credit and consolidate their debt.

Flex Loans let customers borrow up to $7,000 and give them 60 months to pay it back. Even the payment plans are specially designed around the borrower. That way, Cashco can help you avoid getting caught with loan payments that are unmanageable. Typically, a biweekly cycle allows customers to safely manage their payments while still having access to credit that can keep them afloat.
Cashco Flex Loans are an especially useful tool for people with bad credit trying to rebuild their credit or customers with no credit or who are new to Canada and are trying to establish credit for the first time. Every time you make an on-time payment throughout the term of your loan, your credit score can actually rise.

Cashco Financial Programs Make Saving Money Easy

Cashco has always believed that when you put people at the center of your business, everyone thrives. With programs like Moms Match Savings Account, Everyday Use Account, and Flex Loans, Cashco has been able to help more than 49,000 Canadians get back on their feet and start working for a better tomorrow.

And, if something isn’t working? Cashco Financial wants to know about it. Their team is committed to learning about the ever changing needs of their customers. In addition to regular communication channels, the Cashco Gratitude Department contacts individuals who have decided to change banks. In doing so, they are able to adjust their programs accordingly and better serve the everyday Albertan.