Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10, and Cashco wanted to give sons & daughters across Canada the chance to do something special for their moms. 

We hosted a contest May 7 so that one lucky Canadian could win $100  the only catch was that the winner had to use the money to spoil their mom for a day! 

People from all over the country shared beautiful stories and photographs of their mothers, but we could only choose one person for this prize. 

And our winner is… 

Ian B. from Newfoundland! 

There are some traditions that we remember for our entire lives; Ian’s fond memory of spending time with his mother and brothers warmed our hearts. Here, read for yourself: 

Once a month when I was a child, my mom (a single mom at the time) would take my two brothers and me to a movie. It was a huge adventure for me. 

We would look in the newspaper to pick out a movie… we’d argue between us trying to agree on a movie while my mom watched. Once we all agreed (sometimes my mom pulled rank because there was a movie she wanted to see), we would do all our chores and make sure everything was clean, have an early supper, and go to the movie! I was the youngest, so going out with my mom and my brothers was an exciting thing. 

I remember seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark together; that was one of the most memorable movie outings for me because it was rated PG and I was only 11. Such an amazing time…” 

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