Welcome to Bennelong Point in New South Wales, Australia. Home of the spectacular, 22-storey high Sydney Opera House. The design, with its iconic shell-shaped roof panels, was the creation of JØrn Utzon of Denmark, who participated in a worldwide competition. Ultimately, he prevailed and was awarded ₤5,000 for his design.

Under the original plans, it was figured that it would take four years to build. It ended up taking fourteen long years to complete, with construction beginning in 1959. Although the building did not officially open until 1973, the Sydney Opera House’s first-ever performer took the stage in 1960 where he scaled the scaffolding of the construction site and sang to the workers. His name was Paul Robeson and he belted out Ol’ Man River for all to enjoy.

Inside the Sydney Opera House there are several performance venues. The two largest are the Concert Hall with 2,679 seats, and the Joan Sutherland Theatre with 1,507 seats. Today, the Sydney Opera House greets over 1.2 million people to its performances annually. More than 8 million visitors come just to see its spectacular design and beauty! No trip to Australia is complete without a nice, long stop to gaze and admire the Sydney Opera House.

Now Let’s Have Some Fun!

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to spend some time with an Australian, it’s likely that there were a large batch of slang words that went right over your head and you’re certainly not alone in that regard. For your next meeting with an Aussie, we’ve prepared a list of 20 common slang words to keep you in the know.

An Australian Dictionary of Slang Terms

  1. Arvo – Afternoon time
  2. Accadacca – The band ACDC
  3. Bathers – Swimsuit
  4. Brolly – Umbrella
  5. Cobber – Good friend
  6. Choccy Biccy – Chocolate Biscuit
  7. Dunny – Toilet
  8. Footy – Football (Aussie Rules)
  9. Good On Ya – Good job
  10. Lappy – Laptop
  11. Lollies – Sweets
  12. Rellie – Relatives
  13. Sanger – Sandwich
  14. Shark Biscuit – Kids at the beach
  15. Stuffed – Tired
  16. Sunnies – Sunglasses
  17. Sickie – Taking a sick day when you’re not actually sick
  18. Thongs – Flip flops

This is just a short list considering it’s estimated that Aussie’s have over 5,000 slang words in their vocabularies! So, why do Aussie’s appear to have so much more jargon than other English speaking countries? It seems there is no singular reason to point to, but linguistic theories state that it could be because people are wanting to come across with a demeanor that is more friendly and unpretentious to others. This theory would accept that someone who asks for a ‘choccy biccy,’ is much more relaxed than one who requests a ‘chocolate biscuit.’ This certainly makes sense when you consider that Australians have developed a worldwide reputation for being easy-going and approachable, with a laid-back outlook on life.

And there you have it! Although you might not be able to nail the accent, we do hope you’ve had some fun learning the lingo of the land down under!