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About our Pawn Loans

Get cash at the last minute with a pawn shop loan. A pawn shop loan is like any conventional collateral loan, except it can be tailored exactly to your needs and what items you have. The process is simple: bring your items to a store, along with valid ID, or apply online with the items you want to pawn. Our Guys will say yes to your loan request, based upon the value of your items. The more valuable the items you bring to the pawn shop, the more cash we can lend you. We then safely store your items, for up to 30 days, until the pawn shop loan becomes due. When you pay off the pawn loan, you get your items back. It’s that simple.

  • Our Guys want to be your guys so much that they will lend you 10% more than anyone else on the same item, guaranteed! And your loan is FREE!
  • We lend more for quality portable electronics, video games, flat screens, gold and jewellery. The more valuable your stuff is, the more cash you can get from a pawn shop loan.
  • You can get cash at the last minute with our pawn shop loans, even the same day
  • Confidential, free home pick up and private consultations are available for higher value items. We will pick up your stuff and bring the pawn shop loan cash right to your door.
  • Convenient re-payment options include paying the loan back in full, extending the loan and only paying for the extra days needed, or our exclusive pay-it-down program.
  • 24-hour loans are always FREE. If you need some cash just for a day, why not get it from one of our Guys for no charge?
  • Our Guys give you the loyal treatment with every loan including discounts, layaway privileges, and advance notice of sales.