Every Day Use Account

Cashco Everyday Use Account

Empowered By ATB

An account with more benefits and less fees

Real people need real accounts that make their lives easier. That’s what this Everyday Use Account does. It gives you real, meaningful banking that you need while saving you money – and making you money!

  • No monthly fee with direct deposit ($9.95 without)
  • Use your card and we’ll pay you up to $60 per year
  • Access up to $500 overdraft with direct deposit.

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll get the best personal service available.

Cashco Debit Card

To learn more about our bank accounts call our Banking Concierge toll free today  at 1-855-336-2100.

Features you won’t get at any other bank:

No Monthly Fees

No monthly fees*

Overdraft Up to $500

Overdraft up to $500*

.25 on every transaction

$.25 paid on every transaction*

Personal Services

Personal service

Cashco’s Everyday Use Account empowered by ATB Financial gives you features, benefits, convenience and peace of mind you won’t get at any other bank. Take our fees for example. With direct deposit into the account there is no monthly fee. Not only is the account free but with direct deposit you will be eligible for an overdraft of up to $500.

We’ll even pay you .25 cents every time you use your debit card you so can earn and additional $60 per year just for using your card. Does your bank give you free money? Take into account that you can use your Everyday Use Account debit card at no charge at any ATB ATM. Cashco’s Everyday Use Account empowered by ATB provides meaningful banking for the underbanked.

Money Transfer

Western Union Canada provides money transfer services to over 200 countries and territories. With a network of over 494,000 agent locations around the world, we make it easy to send and receive money transfers from Canada to your family and friends around the world. We offer a variety of transaction services, including email money transfers and money transfers using a pre-paid credit card such as VISA or MasterCard. You can make a money transfer at any Cashco Financial locations in Canada.

Jumpstart Savings Account


  • FREE!
  • Unlimited deposits so it doesn’t cost you money to save
  • We’ll even deposit the first $10 to get you started

Mom Matched Savings Account


  • FREE for moms – no sign up or monthly fees
  • Every time you deposit at least $10 in your account, we’ll match it with $10
  • Unlimited deposits so it doesn’t cost you money to save.

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*With your direct deposit or two monthly bill payments, your account is FREE! Other it’s $9.95/month.

Bank NSF

How banks suck you dry

Most banks hit you with a $40 NSF fee, or more, that punishes you.

Standard account and service fees apply.
*With direct deposit or two automated bill payments.