Mom Stories

We’re celebrating all the great things you say about mom. Take a look at what some people have said so far and share your own #momstories

Mom is my rock

My mother came from a very large family.11 brothers and sisters. At an early age she had to learn to help take care if her siblings being the 3 oldest. She met my father at an early age. The problem is hes Chinese and black. My mother’s father is if Syrian and Lebanese decendent and her. Mother Indian decent, very old fashion. My father was a no no and not of their culture. But their live and struggles overcome and she had 5 beautiful children. Migrating to Canada with lots of hope was a brave move to leave her family behind. Working for less than $2.00  an hour she persevered. Finally able to file for her husband and children and we’re all together in Canada to start their journey. Her gift for handling money she  and my father invested in real estate. My mother helped so many people emotionally, mentally and financially \n\nMy mother retired well and her strength, backbone is still there to be the banker and a mother to her children, grand children and great grand. \n\nNever met another mother like her even through my friends. I appreciate and lo her to infinity \n\nMy mom 4 foot 11 inches, a power house, although her education was limited her ambition served her well  .\nMa you did it!  You made it! 😘😘😘

My mom is my world..she is my everything..

My mom is my biggest supporter. My mom supported me through all my mistakes no body else was there for me. She gave me money when I didn’t have any. She wiped my tears when I lost the love of my life. She was there for me when my daughter was in the hospital for 55 days and when I went through cancer. She has been my life support she held my hand through chemotherapy. Its hard to write this without crying but I am proud that she my mom. I feel like the richest person on this planet because the way my mom has been there for me and loved me through the years not everyone is lucky enough to have a mother who never gives up on her child. Shes been there for me through the good bad and the ugly. She has held me through cancer through the love of my life passing through my daughter going through 8 surgeries. She is my savior. God gave me the best mom. Thank you mom.💕🌷

My mom is my superhero, my rock, my shoulder, and my guardian angel!

She’s always been there for me. She struggled through life as a child and as a young adult with two kids. She always put her family before herself. She was a teacher assistant when my sister and I were younger, a job to help get us by. Dont get me wrong, my dad helped a lot as well. They both struggled. \nMy mom showed us girls that no matter how hard life is, you still go out and get an education. She put herself under a lot of stress to help provide for the family. Now she’s an executive assistant at my community’s health centre, celebrating 10 years of work, and also celebrating 25 years of marriage with my father. She taught us so many things in life, gave us a beautiful life, always supportive and happy.. She never asked for anything in return. I wish she would have an amazing Mother’s Day this year, as being a mom for 23 years 😀

Gone, but never forgotten.

My Mum and I were the best of friends – she was always there for me, no matter what. She was taken away from me far too soon and I miss her every day. The memories that I have of her are so precious and I will always be grateful for those. \n\nI love you, Mum.  xx

Mom is the rock in my life

Always there when she’s needed the most

The best mom in the whole world

When my father pass away she is the only one how make as grow up 5 of as now all of as are successful because my mom work hard night and day.. l love you so much mom..

Always there

Weather it’s 2 in the morning or2 in the afternoon she’s always there

Mom is awesome

My mom always try’s to be there for me when I need her. Sometimes it’s hard for her to give me advice but she always try’s. Love you mom And happy Mother’s Day

My mom is always supporting me and always there for me she is my foxk

My mom sacrificed everything for me and my brother. A year after I was born, she started working abroad. She worked hard for 20 years all alone just to suffice our needs. She’s willing to sacrifice herself for the happiness of her family. And now that we are finally together, she’s still continuing on loving and providing for us. She’s the best mom in the whole wide world.

My mom is my hero, she's understanding, she's brave, and most of all she's beautiful

My mom is always there for me, she understand every problems that I have. I made a lot of mistakes before and she was there for me no matter what! She’s brave, she knows how to handle everything. She’s caring: I wanna be like my mom, she’s tough, she’s never gave up on family. she’s always looking at the positive things that could happen, she never looked at the negative things. She always looks proud of what she has! With no doubt she’s the best Mom.

A sweet sweet angel on my shoulder

She’s a super single mom! Let’s cheer her up- see our FB page! #islamabad #Pakistan

My mom was a true patriarch

She always had big dinners for the whole family, had big traditions, and celebrated everything with so much enthusiasm.