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Cashco Financial Releases A Pathway to Using Business as a Force for Good

June 15, 2021

Cashco Financial is proud to announce that we have released our first-ever Pathway to Using Business as a Force for Good (Pathway) report! Our Pathway report touches on Cashco’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives and the ways we are doing good within our communities.

“This report gives us the chance to show you what we’re made of. Let us tell you how we’re changing lives for the left out and left behind, our vision for the future of our business, and how we’re committed to make the changes needed to End Financial Exclusion.” — Tim Latimer, CEO

The intention of this document is to keep Cashco accountable as we navigate the best ways to serve our communities. We are a privately owned company, and sharing the numbers and statistics of our business is not a requirement. We wanted to publicly share the details of our business because we believe in Communicating Honestly.

About Cashco:

With 28% of Canadians living without access to traditional banking institutions, Cashco knows we need to offer financial tools and services that make life easier for the 2,000,000 underbanked Canadians who can’t rely on the big banks to help them.

We provide our clients with long- and short-term personal loans as well as cheque cashing services. We are here to service our clients in over 50 branches across Canada and an innovative online department to provide support remotely. In Alberta, we can cater to our clients with banking products.

Our team strives to go beyond helping with financial products. We also offer tools to assist each client with their unique household finances through budgeting and increasing their working knowledge of financial literacy.

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