2022 Pathway Report

It’s here! Proudly releasing our second edition of the Pathway Report. At Cashco, our purpose is to provide relief today and hope for tomorrow – that’s why we offer our clients quick access to short-term and flexible instalment loans when they need them the most. With 56 branches across four provinces and a nation-wide online network, our goal is to be as accessible as possible to two million underbanked Canadians.  

Our Pathway to Using Business as a Force for Good report is our way of sharing all the incredible things Cashco has accomplished in the last year, while giving you a little insight into our goals for the future.  

Let us show you exactly how we plan to put Canadians on a pathway to financial health.  

A Message from our CEO

Welcome to our second Pathway to using business as a force for good report – known around here as the Pathway Report. We’re excited to give you an inside look at what Cashco is doing to achieve this year’s goals.  

For over 10 years, the team at Cashco has been offering our clients access to the services they can’t get anywhere else. Our purpose at Cashco is to provide relief today and hope for tomorrow. 

Lindsay Dodd
Chief Executive Officer
Cashco Financial Inc.

It is estimated that up to 25% of adult Canadians are underbanked – they have been denied access to financial services from the big banks and credit unions. They are turned away, unable to access emergency funds, consumer credit, insurance, and services that can help them plan for a financially secure future. Our clients come to us with real financial challenges, and we work hard to say yes when everyone else says no. 

Our team is the champion of these underbanked Canadians, providing them with credit, savings, and financial planning services that can make a positive difference in their lives. We have innovative products like the Mom’s Match Account which matches up to $120 in savings every year. Our Village membership provides our clients with Need Milk Money loans: $50 no-interest emergency loans with no credit approval required. Our clients pay the loans back when they can, and they often leave a tip to pay it forward for the next family that needs emergency funds. 

Most importantly, we provide these innovative services with compassion and empathy. We hire associates who have genuine care and compassion for others. We train our front-line teams to be experts at guiding our clients through their goals and budgets. We find the right product, in the right amounts, to help them achieve their goals. All of this comes together when our clients understand that a financially healthy future is within their grasp.  

With the support of our team and our Board, we have clearly defined our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG) for the years ahead: to put one million Canadians on a path to financial health.


Before we get any further, there are some things you should know about us. By now you know our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal is to put one million Canadians on a path to financial health. In other words, we want all Canadians to have the access they deserve to adequate banking and credit. With a purpose to provide relief today and hope for tomorrow, Cashco products and services are designed to:  


Get our clients access to immediate financial relief through resources like a loan or a new bank account. Our job is to get them the help they need as soon as possible. 


Help our clients on their pathway to financial health. This one is a little trickier; financial health means something different to every person, but it starts with supporting our clients so they learn about personal finances, reach financial goals, and create budgets they can stick to for a healthy financial future. 

We all deserve a healthy relationship with our finances.
Let us use our Financial Wellness Framework to show you what that relationship should look like. 

The Financial Wellness Framework has four parts:  

  1. Financial Stability 
  2. Financial Literacy 
  3. Financial Community 
  4. Financial Inclusion 

When a client meets all four requirements in the framework, we can feel confident in their financial health. In other words, a client has a healthy relationship with their finances when they can absorb a financial shock, have financial goals and be on track to meet them, make choices that allow them to enjoy life, and have control over their finances. 





Serving Clients We helped clients save over $535,000 in 2021.   

We give clients access to alternative financing solutions when traditional methods are inaccessible – and we do so with empathy and respect every step of the way. At Cashco, we aim to educate clients in financial literacy, so they have the power to make lasting changes with their personal finances. 

Lending Responsibly 69.6% of clients identified their credit score as a problem to solve 

Our clients rely on us, so we manage our business with them in mind. By practicing responsible lending, we work with each client individually to find the right balance when getting them the dollars they need, while ensuring their loan is tailored to help them succeed.  

Giving Back Cashco donated over $50,000 to causes close to our hearts 

We share our wallets and our hearts! At Cashco, that means giving back to the community anytime we can. We seek opportunities to support organizations that are doing meaningful work, as well as hosting our own initiatives to give back and strengthen our communities.