3 Ways You Can Make After School Programs and Sports Affordable For Your Family

Keeping kids engaged in after-school activities and sports helps improve grades and overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, these activities aren’t cheap. According to a Global News study, Canadian parents spend an average of $1,120 each year enrolling their children in extracurricular, community and sports activities. According to the same study, many families are over-extending themselves to pay for…
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Cashco Recognized By BadCredit.org for Helping Underbanked Canadians Improve Credit

Cashco Financial has been recognized by BadCredit.org as an organization that has lived up to their brand promise of providing relief today and hope for tomorrow to underbanked and underserved Canadians. BadCredit.org was created to help North Americans with credit issues find the resources they need to make successful credit decisions. Their writers are experts…
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5,000 people can’t be wrong

General, Personal Banking
We know banks judge people, but there’s no judgment here. That’s why we’ve reached the 5,000 accounts milestone in Alberta. And for that, we want to say thank you. Thank you for helping us grow. We’re proud to serve you. We know people are unbanked, under-banked and underserved—and that many of you were turned away…
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