12 Ways to Boost Your Income Ahead of the Holiday Season

If you have an inkling that there is a possibility of you being short of cash around the holidays, then this is an excellent time to prepare for just such a contingency. Use the cash to purchase gifts for your friends and family, and even splurge on yourself. You can also be sensible and keep it in the bank account for a rainy day. There are a number of ways through which you can earn quick money prior to the holidays.


Extra workers are in demand by retail stores around the holiday season. This is because holidays are the busiest times of the year to make serious money. If one goes by economic consultants, then 2016 will be an excellent year for retail. More sales equal more hiring to tackle customers. Do apply as soon as possible. Retail stores hire a few days before the holiday season starts. So if you want to earn a few extra money, apply now.

Run errands

If you have some extra time on your hands, why not start a business of running errands? Overworked parents everywhere are always grateful for a spot of help. They have lots of things to do but zero time to execute them. Earn extra money by offering services to a number of clients in your spare time and then simply combine the errands.

Bake something

Bake any delicious food and sell it to your co-workers and friends. Both sides win as you make money and they do not have to do baking on their own during the holidays. Do be careful if you are selling your items to professional organizations. You can help neighbors or friends who are bringing a few friends over and will have zero time to do their own baking. This is especially applicable if you have a special recipe which your friends love. Do remember to carefully schedule your time and the ingredient cost. There is also the added pleasure of seeing guests swoon over the delicious items you prepared.

Sell old stuff

Used items sale websites can be surprisingly useful for earning money before the holiday season. If your room is overflowing with junk, then it is a good time to be rid of all clutter. If you have vintage products, then chances are that you will get an excellent deal from vintage collectors, who can pay astronomical prices for rare items. The way to do this is to first advertise in a free second-hand selling website and if the products do not sell, shift them to eBay to access a broader market.


Collect empty soda cans from people’s houses and sell them. Collect them one weekend from various houses and sell them next weekend.

Do The Decorations

Hang up the holiday lights for other people. Many people,especially single parents, would love to have someone put up lights and other decorations for them. It will also be a great boon for the elderly people.

Decorate Offices

There is no need to be a professional decorator to beautify offices. You just need an eye for festive decorating. Set up trees and hang the garlands to make a festive atmosphere. Put in a few poinsettia at a few strategic places. Make the office a warm and an inviting environment. Do not forget to take it all away after the holidays. Take them down and put all decorative into storage containers. Make the office spic and span before you finally leave the building.

Host When Parents Go Out For the Night

Why not go for the traditional part-time odd job profession of offering babysitting services for the holidays. If you do, then one set of parents will be eternally grateful for a night out. Be smart and babysit for not one set of parents, but for a dozen of them. You will earn a much larger amount of money for looking after 10 to 15 children for the same amount of time. Do bill for a fixed amount for each kid. Your pocket money will be substantial for a few hours of work fresh casino latvijas.

12 Ways to Make Money Before the Holidays

Sell crafts

Handicrafts are a hot sell during the holidays. You can sell your crafts both offline and online. It is easier to sell your products online. You can also sell your crafts in small fairs. To take maximum advantage, get together with like-minded friends. Even local businesses can be brought in. Many shoppers nowadays prefer local products over imported, mass made ones. Having a small shop in a craft fair makes an excellent way to get some business and an adequate amount of money. You could also have a few future clients.

Winterize Homes

Many homeowners in colder climates usually think about winterizing the home for the coming winter. Most of them, however, do not have the time or do not have the requisite skill to do it themselves. If you are good with your hands, you could easily earn a decent amount of money by doing this service. All you need is to print a flyer or a postcard advertising winterizing services. These includes cleaning the gutter, raking the lawn, and caulking the doors and the windows. There are also the requirements of weather stripping among a few activities. Believe it or not, many people are more than willing to pay a handsome amount of money for doing such activities.

Holiday Deep Cleaning

If you love to live in an ultra clean and fresh house, this can be your forte. This is a type of cleaning service which is extremely thorough and done only once a year. People clean their homes just before hosting a party or before having some friends over. Best of all, you can charge higher rates for the service as it is a once-a-time clean every year. The clean is much more thoroughly done.

Organize things

Most people will pay good money for a professional organization during any time of the year. This is particularly true around holidays. This job is particularly necessary when the client receives a lot of gifts and have little idea on what to do with them or where to keep them. You can help the client to get rid of old gifts before the influx of new gifts. Do offer your services just before the start of the holidays.

Work Overtime

This is applicable only if you love the job you do. It is, however, the most viable option and also the most efficient method to put in some more dollars into the bank account. If your employer offers overtime rates, do take advantage of them.