Buy Some Time

Have a Cashco Flex Loan? Need to skip a payment? Deserve a break on NSF fees? Buy yourself some time with the flexibility you need today and a plan for tomorrow.

Already have a loan? You can add the bundle at any time!
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Protect and Plan Your Future

Ever wanted to buy yourself a bit more flexibility, well now you can. With the Buy Some Time package get some peace of mind. If cash shortfalls happen, have some breathing room. Skip a payment with no fee every 6 months* and access lower NSF fees** with Cashco’s new cash and time saving bundle.


Ask our team for details.

Ayako Nishima

Lethbridge AB
Paid out $4,347.28!

Telford Bull,

Wetaskiwin AB
Paid out $4,168.78!

Jeannie Moosepayo

Bonnyville AB
Paid out $3,703.90!

Robert Perkins

Cochrane AB
Paid out $5,264.75!

Kristina Hutchinson,

Spruce Grove, AB
Paid out $2,589.99!

* Flex Loan clients can skip a payment with no fee every 6 months provided the loan is current and the previous 4 consecutive payments are made on time.
** NSF Fees reset to zero after four months of on time payments. Should NSF fees occur after the reset, your fees would be as follows: First NSF ($0), Second NSF ($10), Third NSF ($25)