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By putting 1 million Canadians on their path to financial health.


By putting 1 million Canadians on their path
to financial health.

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When banks say no,
we say YES!

Everything we do is focused on getting the 2,000,000 underbanked Canadians the money they need quickly and securely.

Over 150,000 clients
across the country

We’ve helped over 150,000 Canadians across the country better by welcoming and respecting them. We’re committed to exclusively serving residents in our local communities and provinces.

Serving clients online and
in more than 50 branches

Over 200 employees are working hard every day to bring financial services to every Canadian who needs help.


When we successfully help a client build their credit and get into mainstream financial services, that’s when we know we’ve done our job.

Tim Latimer

Tim Latimer, Founder of Cashco Financial

Meet The Board

The Board oversees the business and affairs of Cashco Financial Inc. and the Cashco Group of Companies Inc. They meet at least quarterly, with additional meetings as required, and sometimes have a strategic retreat each year.

The primary responsibility of the Board is to help Cashco realize our purpose. They also help us by reviewing, challenging, and contributing to the strategy, performance, and viability of our company. The Board meets this responsibility by having thoughtful conversations and directing the critical analysis of recent results, industry trends, business models, and strategic plans.

First & foremost, the Board understands that we need to preserve the culture at Cashco… in other words, our secret sauce is made of treating customers and employees with respect, having robust and timely communication, and being as open as transparent as we can.

Gerard McInnis, ICD.D
Board Chair

Tim Latimer, F.F.B.CA2
Founder & Board Director

Gail Stepanik-Keber, ICD.D
Board Director

Denise Carpenter, ICD.D
Board Director

Dave Chen
Board Director

Jonathan Bennett
C. Dir., Director

We work hard to tell our clients “YES!” when banks say no.

With over 28% of Canadians identifying themselves as underbanked, Cashco knows we need to offer financial tools and services that make life easier for the 2,000,000 underbanked Canadians who can’t rely on banks to help them. We provide them with long- and short-term personal loans, cheque cashing and in Alberta, banking services.

Cashco is a privately held company based in Edmonton, Alberta that serves over 150,000 clients both online and through a network of over 50 branches located in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

With over 200 dedicated employees helping clients when no one else will, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build and that they trust us with their money so they keep coming back when need more help.

What to expect when you work with us

Our purpose
Our Purpose

We exist to provide relief today and hope for tomorrow.

Our entire enterprise is designed to accommodate and exceed the needs and expectations of the underserved. We provide relief today by making it easy to get an immediate loan regardless of current or past credit history. We accept our clients where they are today. And due to our multiple loan options we are the only finance company that can help move clients through the entire credit continuum to achieve a better credit rating and create hope for tomorrow.

Our values
Our Values

Cashco’s corporate culture of caring for clients, community, and co-workers is rooted in our 5 core values.

These values guide the company toward a common goal of building an enterprise where remarkable engaged people make clients feel accepted, appreciated and cared about. While at the same time providing best of class products and services to meet the needs of the 3 million plus Canadians who are underserved by traditional banks.


Respect the Vision
Embrace CANI
Live the Golden Rule
Own the Results
Communicate Honestly
Our Community
Our Community

Cashco cares about the communities in which we operate.

We contribute time and money to dozens of local charities, fundraising and community events. Our employees and their families also contribute and volunteer for events such as Ride For Dad in support of prostate cancer research, Run For the Cure, Stollery Children’s Hospital Kids with Cancer and the Zebra Child Protection Centre. We welcome requests for grassroots community support because we strive to provide hope, not only to our clients, but their communities as well.

Our People
Our People

When we ask customers why they chose us over competitors, the overwhelming response is that they like our people better.

There could not be a greater compliment for us, and we agree 100%. Our people are amazing.  We are proud of all our employees, but especially those who serve on the front lines and work directly with clients in the stores and on the phones. They are the face and voice of our company. They are the people who know, care about and build positive relationships with clients and communities. They are the ones who make the real difference.

Awards and Recognition

Not only are we a part of the movement to End Financial Exclusion, but we are proud to list our awards for making a difference in the lives of our client and employees. Read about our awards on our Press Release page here.

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