Our Purpose

We exist to provide relief today and hope for tomorrow.

In Canada, up to 47% of workers live from paycheque to paycheque. Most folks find a way to manage their expenses and usually get through to the next payday. But sometimes life gets in the way and presents an emergency expense or an interruption of income that creates a need for instant cash. This can be serious and stressful, and even though most have regular incomes and bank accounts, those banks do not have the products, services, desire, or attitude to help them.
We do. We are designed to accommodate and exceed the needs and expectations of the underserved and underbanked. We provide relief today by making it easy to get an immediate loan regardless of current or past credit history. And in the first part of 2017, we introduced an Everyday Use Account and a Savings Account, empowered by ATB.
We believe that meaningful access to essential banking services is a right for everyone regardless of employment or financial history. In the real world, some of us are restricted from banking services because of something that happened in the past.~
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When we can help people get back to the mainstream credit we know we have lived up to our promise to provide relief today and hope for tomorrow.


Tim Latimer
CEO Cashco Financial

About Us

Cashco Financial is a privately held Canadian company with headquarters in Edmonton Alberta and 62 locations across BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

We offer a full line up of financial services and loans including single payment payday loans, multi payment flex loans, advance settlement loans and auto loans. The brand was born in 2014 when 4 different lenders with over 50 years of industry experience, consolidated under the Cashco umbrella. We welcome the under-banked and unbanked that are disrespected and under-served by traditional banks. Our products, services, and lending policies are attuned to the needs of those 3 million plus working Canadians who need instant cash in a pinch, a second or even third chance. Cashco is powered by a growing workforce of 450 employees who work hard to make clients feel accepted, appreciated, and cared for. Our store managers and associates build one-on-one relationships to serve over 50,000 active clients who count on us to provide over 300 million dollars in annual loans.

It is my strong belief that the success of any company lies in its capability to acquire dedicated professionals who work hand in hand.


Ray Wilson
Vice President PDL

Our Values

Cashco’s corporate culture of caring for clients, community, and co-workers is rooted in our 5 core values. 

These values guide the company toward a common goal of building an enterprise where remarkable engaged people make clients feel accepted, appreciated and cared about. While at the same time providing best of class products and services to meet the needs of the 3 million plus Canadians who are underserved by traditional banks.

  • Respect the Vision
  • Embrace ICAN
  • Live the Golden Rule
  • Own the Results
  • Communicate Honestly

Our Community

Cashco cares about the communities in which we operate. 

We contribute time and money to dozens of local charities, fundraising and community events. Our employees and their families also contribute and volunteer for events such as Ride For Dad in support of prostate cancer research, Run For the Cure, Stollery Children’s Hospital Kids with Cancer and the Zebra Child Protection Centre. We welcome requests for grassroots community support because we strive to provide hope, not only to our clients, but their communities as well.

I truly enjoy getting up and going to work, because I know I’m going to see my work family.


Penny McGillis
Term Loan Regional Manager

Our People

When we ask customers why they chose us over competitors, the overwhelming response is that they like our people better.

There could not be a greater compliment for us, and we agree 100%. Our people are amazing.  We are proud of all our employees, but especially those who serve on the front lines and work directly with clients in the stores and on the phones. They are the face and voice of our company. They are the people who know, care about and build positive relationships with clients and communities. They are the ones who make the real difference. The people on the front lines come from all walks of life and from numerous backgrounds. Many have started with us as trainee associates and are now successful branch or corporate managers. They represent a realistic representation of the clients they serve, enabling them to understand, connect, and appreciate all situations. Additionally they manage and operate their locations to the best of class degree. Simply put, our front line people are the best. We don’t mind bragging about the people behind the scenes either. These individuals work at head office in accounting, HR, IT, software development, management and more. They give everything they have to support the front line staff  and all our clients. We are always on the lookout for great people to join our team. If you are interested, visit our careers page and submit your resume.