Building your credit has never been more rewarding.

Build your credit with perks along the way!

No credit check, no hidden fees.

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Credit Reporting

We report your membership payments to the credit bureau every month, which raises your credit score!

Credit building has never been easier. Every successful payment made on your membership reports to Transunion for you. Sit back and enjoy the perks of your membership, while growing your credit score along the way.

Daily HandUps

Every day, members of The Village are selected to receive extra cash (a.k.a. HandUps) to help pay their rent, gas, groceries, and more!

HandUps are designed to get you ahead and help clear up that bill so you can focus on the better things in life.

Sign up today and each month you instantly get:

  • A chance to get $100 worth of Groceries
  • A chance to get $50 worth of Groceries
  • A chance to get up to $500 on your next Phone Bill
  • A chance to get up to $500 on your next Utility Bill
  • A chance to get up to $500 on your next Rent payment


  • $500 Ready for School HandUp
    1 lucky member will receive $500 for “back-to-school” necessities, plus you pay it forward for a child in need
  • $500 Zero Balance HandUp
    1 lucky member will receive for household bills in arrears, past due, or late payments and bring your balances to zero, plus you pay it forward for a friend to help bring them up to balance.
  • $500 “Annual Staycation Grand Reward
    1 lucky VIP member will receive accommodations for one night at a local hotel of their choice, plus spending money (up to $500 value)! You’ll also get to gift someone you love with a staycation (valued up to $500!)!

Build Your Credit with Perks!

No credit check required.

HandUps: Every month you’ll get opportunities to receive money for groceries, gas, rent, utilities, and more.

Access to #NeedMilkMoney: An interest-free, fee-free $50 loan at any time; pay back on your terms.

After 12 on-time payments, you can apply to be approved for a $2,000 Flex Loan.

$44.95 / Month

What is credit?

Credit is your ability to borrow money, make purchases, or access services with the understanding that you will pay the money back by a deadline!

Lenders determine whether you qualify for credit based on your credit score. Not everyone has a credit score that allows them to borrow money; that’s where we come in.

Why is credit important?

Building, maintaining, and understanding credit helps you get the things you need or want, like a loan for a car, a mortgage for a house, or a credit card; based on your promise to pay later.

Credit ensures your future self some money! You can never expect when life happens. That’s why it’s important to make sure you do the work to guarantee your access to money in the future.

“Oh my goodness. I am a single parent going to school for my master’s in counseling. You have no idea how much this helps. Thank you so much”
-Peggy N., Rent HandUp Recipient

“Ask yourself this: if you could be a part of something that helps people across the board with life-changing news like this, is that something you can be a part of? You may not win all the time but when you least expect it & get the call, you’ll be so thankful that you signed up when you did!”
-Tarik W., Member of The Village

“The Village helped when I felt like I was drowning. I had a lot of debt; mostly a student loan. It gave me somewhere to start. I was confused by different companies, and it never helped my actual credit. Now I am on the right path and am at ease knowing that it only gets better from here.”

-Cheryl H., Member of The Village

Credit building. HandUps. #NeedMilkMoney.

Ready to take your credit to the next level?


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