Cheque Cashing

Cash a cheque at Cashco in just a few minutes!

Just bring your cheque and 2 forms of ID (one with a photo, issued by the Government), and we will cash it that day*, with the lowest service charge in the industry.

*Conditions apply.

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We Cash All Kinds Of Cheques

  • Company Issued Payroll
  • Insurance Payouts & Reimbursements¬†
  • Money Orders
  • Government Issued Cheques
  • Personal Cheques (If they are Certified)
  • First Nations Cheques
  • Western Union Money Transfers
  • Money Gram Money Transfers
  • Bank Draft
  • Certified or Bank Certified Cheques
  • Post-Dated Cheques (No more than 14 days)

Why Use Cashco To Cash Your Cheque

In Canada, while every citizen and permanent resident has the legal right to open a bank account, unexpected barriers often prevent many eligible people from obtaining one. 

These barriers can include a lack of identification, credit history issues, or difficulty meeting certain requirements set by the bank. As a result, some individuals may have no choice but to turn to alternative financial services, such as Cashco, for cheque-cashing services, to access the funds they need.

There are also several reasons individuals choose to cash their cheques at places like Cashco, even if they have an active bank account. One reason is the convenience of cashing a cheque any day of the week, as many traditional banks are not open during weekends or after business hours. Cashco, on the other hand, offers extended hours and convenient locations, making it easier for individuals to access the funds from their cheques whenever needed.

People also cash their cheques at Cashco as the process is generally more straightforward and involves fewer potential limitations or holds on their accounts. For example, some banks may place holds on cheques or require they clear before releasing the funds, which can take several days. This can be frustrating for individuals who need access to the funds immediately to pay bills or cover unexpected expenses. Individuals can get their funds immediately by cashing their cheques at Cashco without any potential delays.

As one of the leading providers of cheque-cashing services in Canada, Cashco Financial has over 50 locations across the country, including in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. This widespread network of locations makes it easy for individuals to find a Cashco location near them, no matter where they live.


Need to Cash a Cheque?

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