Maximizing Your Amazon Savings: Essential Tips for Smart Online Shopping

Online shopping is now almost as normal as going to the store to shop. Since we are adapting more and more to the digital age, you should know how to take full advantage of retail savings. Amazon is one of the biggest shopping giants on the internet, and is even considered major competition by Google. If you are completely new to Amazon, or even an intermediate user, we have some simple tips below to help you save huge amounts of your money.

Here are some tips on how to make Amazon work for you.

  • Deal Tracker Sites

One of the more well-known ways of saving money is using deal tracker sites. These sites help you find the best deals available across the web so you don’t have to search for hours on end., however redundant the name, is one of the more popular sites saving people money. If you’re new to deal scrounging for online, this would be a great place to start.

  • Warehouse Deals

This nifty tactic is great since Amazon is doing the work for you. They have collected a bunch of items that are open-box, or like-new, to help you save money. As long as you don’t have to have a brand new whatever, this is a great place to look. Amazon will only sell items that are functional so you don’t have to worry about whatever it is, not working.

  • After-Purchase Price Drops

Just because you bought the item, doesn’t mean your job is done. Watch the price for another week; if the price drops you can get the difference refunded. This is a good way to buy, especially if you want the item now, and can’t wait for the price to drop. The best thing about this is you can order the item today, and still get some money refunded to you next week if you get lucky.

  • Amazon’s Outlet

Like the Warehouse, the Outlet is a place where you can find huge savings, but this time it’s on brand new items. Look here first for the item you want as it might be there. These items are usually overstocked, or slightly aged, but they are brand new. As long as you’re ok without having the absolute latest and greatest, you’ll be fine shopping here.Leave You’re Shopping Cart Full

  • Leave You’re Shopping Cart Full

Assuming you are incredibly patient, you can force a promotion by simply leaving the items that you want to buy in your cart. It sounds unconventional, but if you don’t need them right away, you can leave your cart full and eventually Amazon may mail you a discount code. This discount code can be a significant deal, and since you already have the items saved, you might as well get them for as inexpensive as possible.

Happy shopping!

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