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Get Your Cash in a Flash!

How do I get a loan?

Easy, just fill out the Application Form and click “Submit.”

What do I need to get a loan?

  • Be of legal age
  • Provide proof of income
  • Have an active bank account

How much can I get?

You can borrow up to $1,500 in a flash!

How do I get my cash?


Your cash will be instantly loaded onto a YesCard (pre-paid VISA card) for you to use.

Here’s how it works:

Is this your first loan?

*We'll mail you a YesCard immediately, and send you the cash in an Email Money Transfer within one hour.

Have you had a loan before?

We already sent you a YesCard so you’re ready to go.

Can’t find your card? 

No problem, we’ll send you a new one immediately at NO CHARGE. And for this time, we’ll still deposit the cash directly into your account within 2-3 days.

How do I use my YesCard?

We just load your YesCard with instant cash, so then you can use it just like any other debit or credit card:

  • Whenever they are accepted
  • Wherever they are accepted
  • So Whatever the situation,
    your YesCard is accepted

*Not available in Ontario

Need More Cash?

With a Cash Canada term loan you can borrow up to $5,000 and pay it back over 36 months on approved credit. This is a great way to consolidate debts and repair your credit score. Learn more.

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