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3 of our clients share their realities

Our latest ambassadors are real people and real Cashco clients who welcomed us into their homes and allowed us to tell their stories.

Cashco Ambassadors Tom


“You may be struggling to buy your stuff for the first day of school for your kids,” says Tom.

“In Mexico, it’s not a certainty you’ll get paid for the work you’ve already done.”

With the assistance of good friends and companies like Cashco, he was able to push his family forward and begin a happier chapter in their lives.

“We’ve had a bit of a rough time lately,” he said, “I have had NSF fees and they are really high.”

“It’s not fair,” he said, describing the fees, “like a bad punishment.”

That’s one of the services he appreciates from Cashco. He originally came in for a payday loan – which he paid off within three days and incurred no interest — he then realized that setting up an account at Cascho could save him from paying heavy fees.

“It’s better. And we have almost the same services that I had with another bank,” he said.  “It’s a no-brainer.”

Cashco Ambassadors Ashli


Ashly, a mom of three with a fourth on the way, had a short bucket list this summer: she just wanted to be able to take her kids on a walk to the store to get a Slurpee.

Her children, who range in age from one year old to four years old, are a rambunctious, and playful squad. She recalls the struggle of trying to balance all of their needs from month-to-month.

“That was kind of like, ‘Oh boy, what are we going to do? We need food, we need diapers, we need anything. We can’t go and just get it.”

So she did what she had to do to make ends meet for her family.

She went to Cashco and was approved for a $200 loan.

“They were willing to help me and give me that $200 to put food on the table, or $200 to pay our bills so we could have water to wash the kids down or do dishes.”

She says the kindness she experienced at Cashco helped alleviate her stress, especially with a new baby on the way.

Casco Ambassadors Sebastien


Sebastien’s been working since he was 17 years old — when he first became a dad. His three children are now grown with careers of their own and he’s enjoying some freedom again.

His dream is to be his own landlord.  He wants the simple joy of being able to renovate or control the colour of his walls.

He made a plan. His first stop: consolidating his loans.

“Instead of having three loans out, I can have one. Just one authorized payment,” he said. He chose a Flex Loan at Cashco to consolidate his debt.

“I would much rather owe and make payments to somebody I respect,” said Sebastien.  “I don’t want to owe money to other institutions because of their tactics.”

He’s certain that if he works with Cashco to improve his credit he can become a homeowner and fulfill his “short term, attainable goal.”