Congratulations to each of our 5 Loan Payout Program recipients!  They all have a story to tell and we want you to know we are celebrating $20,000 in relief!!!  Yes, that’s right! Over $20,000 was PAID OUT through the Loan Payout Program since inception.  Cashco Financial is proud to provide our clients with an opportunity to get ahead on the financial ladder.

Meet Our Loan Payout Program Recipients

1) Telford Bull from Wetaskiwin, AB – $4,168.78

Our first Loan Payout Program recipient was Telford Bull from Wetaskiwin, Alberta.  Telford has both a Cashco Flex loan and a Everyday Use Cashco bank account.  He showed up at the branch with his entire family to receive his certificate.  They live on a limited income and raise many grandkids.  Telford told us, “this couldn’t have happened at a better time.”  He told us that he will be telling all of his friends that Cashco is awesome!

Thank you Crystal Wells, Branch Manager in Wetaskiwin, AB for helping provide relief today and hope for tomorrow to the entire Bull family.



2) Ayako Nishima from Lethbridge, AB – $4,347.28

Our second Loan Payout Program recipient is from our branch in Lethbridge, Alberta.  Ayako was turning 86 the very next day, what an awesome birthday present!  When Branch Associate Tara Sedgwick asked her what she would do with all the extra money, Ayako said she was going to go buy some flowers and visit her close family and friends at the cemetery.  She of course is also going to spoil herself “a little” for her up coming birthday.  Ayako left the branch so happy, with much less stress.

Thank you Tara Sedgwick, our Branch Associate in Lethbridge, AB for helping provide relief today and hope for tomorrow to Ayako.



3) Jeannie Moosepayo from Bonnyville, AB – $3,703.90

Our third Loan Payout Program recipient is from Bonnyville, Alberta.  Jeannie was on vacation when branch manager, Shirley Bradshaw asked her to come into the branch for a big surprise.  Jeannie told Shirley that she was trying to make her way to the branch,  but she was waiting to borrow money to replace the tires on her trailer so that she could get home.  This surprise could not have come at a better time for Jeannie!

Thank you Shirley Bradshaw, our Branch Manager in Bonnyville, AB for helping provide relief today and hope for tomorrow to Jeannie.






4) Robert Perkins from Cochrane, AB – $5,264.75

Our fourth Loan Payout Program recipient is from Cochrane, Alberta.  When Robert was told that his Flex loan had been paid out in full, he was speechless.  He told Katie that it could not have come at a better time for him and his family.

Robert is the father of 5 year old twins who just started kindergarten, and he was behind on his bills from back to school shopping.  He said that even before today, he was so happy with our service.  Robert will be sharing the good news with his friends and family that might need a little help.

Thank you Katie MacNeil, our Branch Manager in Cochrane, AB for helping provide relief today and hope for tomorrow to Robert.





5) Kristina Hutchinson from Spruce Grove, AB – $2,589.99

Our fifth Loan Payout Program recipient, who is also is from Spruce Grove, AB said that she was very excited and that this could not have come at a better time for her!

When we paid out Kristina’s Flex loan, we surpassed the $20,000 dollar mark in loans paid out to date since the inception of the Buy Some Time program!  Stay tuned for next months Loan Payout Program recipient.






Buy Some Time

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