Cashco Connections

A place to share, learn, and earn.

Cashco Connections

Share your fears, hopes, dreams, and plans for the future.

Cashco Connections

A unique and fun way to bring people together to share their experience and wisdom in order to teach and learn from each other. We believe that personal financial empowerment is the most powerful driver of economic stability and mobility. We want hard working families to achieve and sustain a brighter and more prosperous future.

share knowledge

Share Your

Teach Other People
  • Your life experience can help others to help themselves
Learn from other peopleLearn from other people
  • How to handle your finances
  • Find the best deals
  • Ways to stretch a dollar
  • How to earn extra income
  • Programs and assistance available

Why Cashco Connections?

No one should have to struggle alone. Cashco Connections believes:

  • You have the right to direct your own life
  • You have the ability to make meaningful changes in your life
  • Your experience can help others
  • You can achieve the life you want
“We focus on sharing our life experience to enhance our financial health and to be of benefit to others experiencing the same situations”

What is Cashco Connections?

Cashco Connections is a way for you to improve your life by improving your financial well-being. Meeting and talking with like-minded people in a protected peer group setting, Cashco Connections will empower you to take control of your finances. The members of your Cashco Connections peer group will help each other reach their goals by providing support and accountability to be successful. You will have the opportunity to share the expertise you have gained from your real- life experiences, successes and failures.

How does it work?

Cashco Connections peer groups will meet monthly. Each group will be supplied with a meeting format, agenda, and list of topics for discussion. Peers will share their goals and provide tips and ideas on how to improve their financial know how. Group can stay in touch with one another through a digital app. You’re never alone. Peer groups provide a safe and private environment to discuss your fears about money. Cashco Connections will provide opportunities to earn extra income through referrals and recruitment.