Harness the Future with Cashco Flex Loans in Edmonton, Alberta

Flex loans are the future of the finance industry. Here in Edmonton, Alberta, Cashco Financial is leading the charge to bring flex loans to consumers across Canada. But what exactly is a flex loan anyway? Well Cashco defines a flex loan as a loan for a larger sum of money that can be paid back in installments over a long period of time. We call it a flex loan because it provides clients with a quick cash loan even if they have bad credit or newer credit, and gives them the financial flexibility to consolidate all their bills into one easy payment. The best part is that with each payment installment on the flex loan, the client’s credit score increases.

If you are more familiar with term loans, online terms loans, or installment loans, that’s alright because a Cashco flex loan shares many similarities to those quick cash loans. In fact, Cashco Financial has offered term loans to our clients for years, we are moving towards a flex loan product though to make sure all our clients benefit from more flexible terms that are tailored for them. Flex pay installment loans allow clients to get up to $7,000 immediately and can add points to their credit score with every on-time payment.

Rebuilding Bad Credit & Establishing Credit in Canada

Having bad credit or new credit can be hard. A low credit score can prevent you from being able to get a vehicle, a new fridge or even a credit card. If you have bad credit or no credit in Canada, remember that you don’t have to. Cashco Financial can help you rebuild or establish your credit score fast. With a Cashco auto loan, you can find yourself with a healthy credit score after 10 months. This is a great way to boost your credit score and get into a new vehicle. If you want to see the results more often though, then a Cashco flex advance loan is for you. Since Cashco works with TransUnion, every on-time payment you make gets reported to the credit bureau and results in your credit score going up a few points. After a few successful payments on your flex loan, your credit score will be a lot healthier.

With Cashco Financial, you get easy approval flex loans. It is important to always remember to practice responsible finances and only take out a flex loan for the amount you need. We offer flex loans online and in store for any amount from $500 to $7,000 so you can find the perfect amount that works for you.

Types of Flex Loans

Everything is available online these days and Cashco is proud to offer all our flex loans online. Simply fill out an online application and we will contact you to get your flex loan, term loan, or installment loan approved and processed. We believe in making things fast and easy, and our clients seem to like that a lot.

If you don’t like dealing with money online, that is perfectly fine. In that case, you can drop by any one of our 70 Cashco branches across Canada and our associates will work with you directly in store to get you your flex loan within minutes.  It does not matter how much your flex loan is for ($500 to $7,000), Cashco offers you flexible terms to find the installment payment plan that works best for you. Some of our flex loans can be paid back over three years, and if you ever want to pay your flex loan back faster, you can pay it off early with no penalty. That’s a great deal because Cashco cares.

Why Would I get a Cashco Flex Loan?

There are four main reasons to get a Cashco flex loan:

  1. Get money for your business when banks say no: big banks do not like lending money to most people unless they are ensured a large amount of collateral that they can take from you if anything bad happens. That is because banks don’t care about you. It is sad to say, but they really don’t care about you. Cashco Financial does care about you though and we believe in you and your business. So if you need some cash to get you started, we’re happy to help.
  2. Consolidate debt: when too many bills start piling up, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Eventually some of your bills may get forgotten or you may not be able to afford to pay them. If this happens, you can suddenly have five or six different interest charges to keep up with and that can get expensive. With a Cashco flex loans, you can get the flexibility to pay off any outstanding bills and than just have one easy payment to keep track of. Simplicity is always good.
  3. Make a large purchase now and pay for it later: it can be tough to afford to make a big purchase even if it’s something you need like a new appliance for example. Borrowing from the retailer may not be an option if you have bad credit or newer credit. A Cashco flex loans gives you the cash you need to buy that new appliance and pay for it over time in easy affordable payments.
  4. Rebuild credit or establish credit in Canada: having bad credit or newer credit can make life very hard to manage. If your credit report is not in the best shape, you should take steps to improve your credit score as soon as possible so you can have more financial freedom. A Cashco flex loan helps you rebuild your credit score fast with each easy payment. We will get you back on track together.

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