Get up to $50.

Repay on your terms.
No Interest.
No Fees.

#NeedMilkMoney is the first of its kind. Alternative lenders have never before offered a loan without interest, fees, or credit checks… Cashco aims to push the status quo.

Why did we decide to launch #NeedMilkMoney?
This is our way of supporting the families in the communities we serve. Our members have told us that they struggle to find the money they need for the essentials. That’s not ok. We want to do right by Canadians. This service has only one goal in mind:
To offer support to our clients when they need us most.

No interest. No fees. No credit checks. No terms. No strings attached.

Why is The Village
offering #NeedMilkMoney?

I had to return my children’s
Christmas gifts to pay for food.” 

27% of Canadians borrow money for daily expenses because they are short on money.
You’re not alone.