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A Cashco Cares Initiative: The 16,000 Hour Volunteer Program

March 15, 2016

Edmonton, Alberta – Today Cashco Financial announced the launch of its latest Cashco Cares Initiative: The 16,000 Hour Volunteer Program. Monday March 7th, 2016 will mark the kickoff of the program which will make huge strides in Cashco’s pursuit of being the unquestioned industry leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The 16,000 Hour Volunteer Program is aptly named as Cashco Financial’s 400 employees across Canada will be given 40 paid hours per annum each to provide positive contribution to the communities they serve. “It is certainly a significant commitment, but we feel that this is the best way to really make a positive impact for our clients, and our communities throughout BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario” proclaims CEO Tim Latimer. “We want to show Canadians that Cashco cares.”

In addition to giving each Cashco Financial employee 40 hours per year to help their communities during their regular work hours, the company hopes that some employees will use this program as a kickstart to go even farther with their volunteer contributions. Although its head office is in Edmonton, Cashco Financial will base the success of the program on the support smaller communities across Canada receive. The response from employees has already been filled with excitement, and empowerment. “I’m excited to see this opportunity come to us in Brantford, ON,” wrote Maggie Terrence, “I’m definitely interested in helping my community, just have been too busy with work, and family. With this program, I’ll learn to do both, I’ll be first to dive in.”

At Cashco Financial employees all live the organizational mission statement, providing relief today and hope for tomorrow, from more than a business standpoint. They will keep making strides to be the leader in CSR as their Cashco Cares Initiatives continue to grow and develop.. Cashco Financial owns and operates a network of 65 alternative loan branches across Canada offering term loans, payday loans, auto loans, settlement loans and other financial services to Canadians who are underbanked and underserved.

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Courtney Johnston-Naumann
Cashco Financial